Art Education

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art includes the coursework necessary for teacher certification in Art Education which is offered in collaboration with the School of Education’s Educator Preparation Program. The Art Education program subscribes to the School of Education’s conceptual framework, “Teachers as Liberators through Education.” Candidates must satisfy all the requirements for Studio Art (exhibits, sophomore review, senior review, and exhibits) in addition to meeting the benchmarks in the Educator Preparation Program. Art Education majors take a variety of courses in liberal studies, content, criticism, pedagogy, and production of art. Candidates develop a comprehensive and integrated understanding of visual arts, crafts, and art history. They acquire knowledge about the various techniques, materials, and studio procedures of art production, and learn how to translate those processes into sequentially based curricula. Through field experiences, course content, and demonstrated proficiency in hallmark assignments, candidates learn the structure, procedures, and processes in P-12 schools and their profession.