Kentucky State Professional Travel Fund Guidelines


The Kentucky State Professional Travel Fund (KSPTF) is a Title III funded award program designed to provide support for University faculty members and staff engaged in professional development and research activities. The University recognizes the importance of faculty members being given the opportunity to interact with an active community of scholars and researchers as a means of maintaining a high level of academic competency and growth. Likewise, the University recognizes the importance of staff members being given the opportunity to develop professional competencies in areas directly related to their unit work.

Under the current guidelines for Title III funding, funds may only be used for domestic travel to attend professional, educational, and scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops for the purpose of professional development which will be of benefit to both the individual and the University.

Eligible individuals may be awarded one professional development grant per academic year.  Awards may not exceed $3,000.

Full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members, individuals who hold full-time research appointments, and full time staff members are eligible to apply.  Funding is not available for adjunct, emeritus/ae faculty or rehired retirees.

The award is contingent upon the recommendation of the KSPTF Review Committee.    Retroactive funding will NOT be considered. Title III funds are available October 1 to September 30 in any calendar year. Applications will be received between August 30th of the current year to September 1st of the following year.

KSPTF award funding will follow Kentucky State University’s travel policies.

Application Process

The applicant must submit a completed application to the department chairperson.  Upon approval at the department level, the application is forwarded to the KSPTF Review Committee, who then communicates the decision regarding funding to the candidate.  Successful applicants need to complete the appropriate pre-travel paperwork. For faculty, this includes the travel request form and the official leave request form. Staff need only to complete the travel authorization form. In the application review process, special attention is paid to explanations that demonstrate compliance with Title III Funding expectations for projects that demonstrate academic excellence; clearly impact student success; or enhance operational/administrative efficiencies and processes.

Welcome to Kentucky State University online Kentucky State Professional Travel Fund application. This is an electronic submission process for submitting requests for travel support by university researchers, faculty, and staff desiring to present research at scholarly meetings at the domestic or international level. Applicants must adhere to established guidelines for review of request.

Online Application

Applicant Online Application

For University researchers applying for the Kentucky State Professional Travel Fund

Department Approval

For processing and approval by Department Chair

Awardees’ Responsibilities

KSPTF award recipients must:

  • Submit using Concur, all documentation required for reimbursement within 15 working days of your return
  • Submit within 15 working days, the Title III Post-Travel Report Form
  • Schedule an appropriate opportunity to share results of your award activity on campus

KSPTF Important Dates

Applications are accepted throughout the calendar year. We encourage you to apply expeditiously because this is a competitive funding opportunity. 

Please direct any questions to the Title III office (502) 597-5762.