Grants Accounting is responsible for all post-award functions involving sponsored projects. Our mission is to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, as well as, University policies and procedures.

Services Offered

  • Provide post-award grants accounting support to principal investigators (PIs) for grants & contracts
  • Advise PIs to ensure compliance with guidelines & regulations
  • Ensure costs are allowable
  • Set-up funds including grant budgets & FOAPALs (fund, organization, account, program, activity, location)
  • Approve requisitions, travel authorizations, travel vouchers, EPAFs, and check requests
  • Perform grant closeout functions which include fund reconciliations, financial status reports, final invoices, and final budgets
  • Report expenditures for grants to external agencies, as well as, make requests for reimbursement from the respective agency

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Contact Us

Julian M. Carroll
Academic Services Building
4th Floor
400 E Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Deborah Edelen
Grant Manager
(502) 597-6727

Dorothy Daley
Senior Grant Accountant
(502) 597-5997