Auxiliary Meal Plan Options: Commuter

Non-Resident Students (Commuter) Meal Plans
Students who commute to, or do not live, on campus (or in University provided off-campus housing) have the following meal plan options (see below). 

  • Non-resident students must select their meal plan each semester in order to have continued access. 
  • Non-resident students have the ability to change their plan once per semester within the first week of each semester. 
    • Currently, for non-resident students, flex/dining dollars not spent during Fall semester do carry forward to Spring semester.
    • Unspent flex/dining dollars not spent during Spring semester do not carry forward.
    • Unspent funds (that do not carry forward) are not refunded.
  • Students with an active meal plan can add additional dining dollars in $50 (fifty) dollar increments by visiting the Bursar/cashier's office to make that additional deposit/payment or $250 to receive an additional $25 FLEX dollars.
Non-Resident Student (Commuter) Meal Plan Type Price per Semester (Must Sign Up Each Semester)
Plan A: Declining balance (flex/dining dollars) $275 $250.00 per semester
Plan B: Declining balance and 12 meal swipes per week (flex/dining dollars) $1,843 $1,843.00 per semester

Non-Resident Students desiring a commuter meal plan must sign-up for a commuter meal plan each semester.


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