ID/Thorobred Card

The Thorobred ID Card is the official University ID Card issued through Auxiliary Services.  This ID Card enables students and employees to conduct an array of transactions on campus.  Transaction such as: meal access (if a meal plan has been activated), printing/copying (if ID has been registered with the printer/copier); and room / building access if authorized.  During normal operations, Auxiliary Services and the Bursar's office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

The Thorobred ID Card is your gateway and can permit the following:

  • Building access (as applicable)
  • Paying for meals at dining locations on campus (as applicable)
  • Printing and copying (if ID is registered with the copier)
  • Must be shown to pick-up campus mailing/packages

When monetary related purchases are made, debits are reflected on the individual account.

Thorobred ID Cards are issued (in person) at the Auxiliary Services office located on the third level of the Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building (ASB).  A fee of $25 will is required for replacing any lost/stolen or damaged ID card (payment will need to be done with the Bursar’s office and the receipt of payment being delivered to Auxiliary Services).  For any ID card that malfunctions, the card will need to be checked for possible no-cost replacement. To do a replacement of a malfunctioning ID card, the malfunctioning ID card must be brought to Auxiliary Services so that it can be checked for authentication (e.g. staff will check to see if it is the active card, etc).


Auxiliary Services
Julian M. Carroll
Academic Services Building
Suite 333

Phone: (502) 597-5692