Student-Centered Learning at KSU Online

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KSU Online offers programs, courses, and instructional approaches that are designed with you in mind!  Student-centered learning, as the name suggests, begins with you. What are your interests, needs, and aspirations? We strive to provide learning experiences that engage students through a variety of instructional strategies to enhance your success.  Such practices may include experiential, field-based, inquiry-based, as well as immersive learning just to name a few.  The question that drives our faculty and staff is simple: where are you going, and how can we help you get there?

Our faculty engage in regular and ongoing professional development to ensure that your learning experiences feature proven methods, up-to-date technology, and comprehensive, integrated support. In addition to our in-house certification programs in Quality Course Design and Online Teaching and Learning, our faculty regularly engage in professional learning provided by Quality Matters, a non-profit, quality assurance organization that defines the standards of excellence in online course development.

Further, our faculty hold and continue to earn additional online teaching credentials from the nationally recognized Association of College and University Educators. Our faculty and staff believe in continual learning and improvement to ensure that we put you at the center of it all.

Proven Quality

Kentucky State University Online has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.  We are excited to offer degree pathway opportunities nationwide.

Explore our online program opportunities.  Looking to earn a degree 100% online? KSU Online offers Bachelor's programs, Master's programs, and a Doctoral program.   KSU is a Quality Matters institution adhering to research-based, nationally recognized standards for online teaching and learning.  Faculty and staff are committed to excellence, engaging in ongoing professional learning experiences to enhance the online learning environment.

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Faculty Spotlight

As the backbone of the Thorobred Community, the KSU faculty and staff work to serve, support, teach, guide and counsel our students.  

Dr. Deanna McGuaghey-Summers

Dr. McGaughey-Summers teaches and serves as the Composition Coordinator in the department of English. She has published in many areas, but her primary focus is on distance education. Her 2022 conference presentations and publications have covered collaboration and community in online courses, digital reading strategies, and strategies for dealing with cognitive overload in online writing courses. This year, Dr. McGaughey-Summers is facilitating a cohort of her colleagues in a course on effective online teaching practices with the Association of College and University Educators.