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KSU Online Course Design and Teaching Proficiency

KSU Online faculty are expected to demonstrate proficiency in two areas (course design and teaching and learning)  as part of the Office of Online Education standards of excellence.  Part one includes demonstrated proficiency in course design ensuring accessible and aligned content with the course and program goals.  As part of our continuous improvement efforts, faculty will engage in pedagogical practices to demonstrate teaching and learning online proficiency. 

Kentucky State University is a Quality Matters institution.  Using the Quality Matters Rubric, KSU Online faculty provide accessible and engaging content allowing students to easily navigate the learning process.  Further, KSU Online partners with the Association for College and University Educators Framework to support an active, student-centered learning experience.  The credentials are renewed every two years.

KSU Course Design Digital Badge KSU Online Teaching and Learning Badge

This credential indicates that a faculty member incorporates the best practices from research in online learning in the design of her/his courses. The faculty member has demonstrated the ability to design student-centered courses in which program objectives, course objectives, student learning outcomes, learning activities, and assessments are well aligned.


  • Successful completion of the Course Design Academy offered by KSU Online staff, including guided tours/show-and-tell sessions with KSU Online staff.
  • Participation in the Course Design Academy (without completing it successfully) + completion of a module self-review and guided tour/show-and-tell with KSU Online staff.
  • Successful completion of the first half, Blocks 1 & 2, of ACUE’s course on Effective Online Teaching Practices (EOTP)*

This credential indicates that a faculty member demonstrates the competencies required for the Quality Course Design credential and has also demonstrated excellence in creating engaging and equitable learning experiences in courses that reflect a cycle of continuous improvement. Holders of this credential are qualified to perform peer review and coaching to fellow faculty members seeking online teaching certification.


  • Faculty who have earned the Quality Course Design credential may submit a fully designed course for review. In brief, the review process includes:
    • A self-review based on the KSU Online Course Design & Teaching rubric**
    • A peer-review of the course using the same rubric
      • Implementation of suggestions and/or coaching from peer review, if applicable
    • Review by KSU Online staff using the same rubric and a course tour/show-and-tell with the faculty member.
  • Successful completion of all 4 blocks of ACUE’s course on Effective Online Teaching Practices (EOTP)*

The KSU Online Course Design & Teaching rubric is based on the Quality Matters (QM) Course Design Rubric for Higher Education; the ACUE Effective Practice Framework; and principles of culturally responsive teaching as outlined in Foster et al. (2020).

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