Civil Rights, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility


Message from the Dean

We in the Kentucky State University Land Grant Program and College of Agriculture, Community, and the Sciences are dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusion. As a college, we are committed to providing equal opportunity to all, across our programs, research activities, and employment.

This commitment goes back to our founding in 1890, when we became a land grant institution with a mission of educating African American students who were barred from other institutions and opportunities. Today, we have an obligation to comply with civil rights policies and regulations, as well as guidelines regarding equal opportunity in Extension and research programs and activities. 

We cannot meet this commitment unless every member of our college shares a dedication to it. To achieve that, we make it clear that civil rights and equal opportunity are fundamental principles and are integral to our shared values. I am requesting that faculty and staff participate in trainings to ensure that everyone has the necessary skills and resources so that we can fully implement compliance procedures and regulations and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Our standard is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We understand that there is always room for improvement, so we are dedicated not only to sustaining the community we have built but also to promoting continuous learning of civil rights, diverse, and equitable practices for inclusive excellence.

Picture of Dr. Kirk PomperDr. Kirk Pomper
Dean of the College of Agriculture, Community, and the Sciences
Director of the Land Grant Program





Message from The Civil Rights Compliance Officer

Welcome to our new website which provides you with resources and information on civil rights compliance and procedures.  We will continue to update the website with information, tools, and resources on civil rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion that will assist faculty and staff.  Our goal is to ensure that our programs, activities, services, and opportunities are accessible to all members of our communities. We do this by consistently following federal civil rights laws and policies and implementing practices that are reflective of the values of diversity, equity, and inclusive practices.   Please check back often and continue to address any questions related to USDA civil rights compliance regulations to or by calling 502-597-5233. 

Nancy Calix PictureNancy Cálix
Civil Rights Compliance Officer
College of Agriculture, Community, and the Sciences
Land Grant Program