Nutrition Education

In order for families to thrive in their day to day lives, it is important that Picture of nutrition platethey incorporate healthy meals that are based upon the latest nutrition science available. Kentucky State University has vibrant nutrition education programs to offer families of the Commonwealth. The Kentucky State University Center for Family Nutrition and Wellness Education provides research-based programs that include topics such as MyPlate guidelines, food safety, healthy cooking techniques and many more. In addition, the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program education (SNAP-Ed) introduce basic nutrition to lower income families and children.

KSU F1rst

In addition to proper eating and cooking habits, it is important for families to get moving! KSU F1RST is a health and wellness program that focuses Girl walking on a lan surrounded by brushon  exercise and fitness for the whole family. Maybe you are interested in simple exercises that you can do in your living room or energized to start a weight lifting and endurance regiment that is more robust, either way, the KSU F1RST program is designed to help individuals stay active and to reach their goals.

Rookie Cooking Academy

Cooking seems to be a lost art! Our younger generations, with time crunches and quick options for food, have traded in the skillet for microwaves and the drive-through. However, it is important that we reconnect with our cooking skills of the past in order to improve the diet and health of our future families. Kentucky State University’s Rookie Cooking Academies aim to educate young people on the art and fun of cooking healthy meals. We work with families, elementary through college students, and even schools to offer courses that will benefit students for the long haul.

Kristopher Grimes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and State Specialist
Nutrition and Nutrition Education
(502) 597-5070