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Over a period of 12 months, the project will provide technical assistance and need-based personal outreach services to at least 100 SDGs from Kentucky’s forty-one rural counties where higher proportions of SDGs exist and are yet to be fully served by USDA programs. These counties meet the definition of rural area and have populations of less than 50,000. The SDGs in these counties own more than 60% of total farms owned statewide by the SDGs (Census of Agriculture, 2007). The majority of target SDGs include African-Americans, Latinos/Hispanics, Native Americans, and other SDGs.

The project will identify specific individuals of SDGs for need-based, one-on-one technical assistance, education, and outreach services. In Kentucky, the number of members of SDGs and SDG participant-owned or managed farms has increased since 2007. However, the average return from these farms has not increased at the same rate as other groups over the same time period. Members of SDGs have not been remarkably successful in utilizing USDA’s technical assistance, subsidies and other programs and services (KSU Small Farm Conference Report, 2012).

This project is supported by USDA/RD Grant number 20-037-646489357.

College of Agriculture, Community and the Sciences SDG Training Docs

Presentations regarding Small and Socially Disadvantaged Farmer resources will include:

  • Cost-share programs
  • Farm Ownership
  • Operating a farm
  • House loan
  • Organize business startup
  • Farm Management
  • Bee keeping
  • Resource mapping
  • Record keeping
  • Computer use
  • Risk management
  • Cooperative development
  • Value added
  • Marketing
  • Added ventures
  • Market through co-op

Previously developed presentations from Small Socially Disadvantaged Producers (SSDP) are available for update.

Cooperative Market Development

Developing a Cooperative Marketing Plan

Agribusiness Risk Management

Value Added Producer Grant Program

This project is supported by USDA/RD Grant number 20-037-646489357.