Master of Science in Environmental Studies Online Capstone Mentors

Cox's Creek, Ky., -- Kentucky State University researcher Jill Fisk continued her Salamander research at her control location and Rock Run testing water samples and collecting salamanders from the leaf litter and along drainages of Long Lick Creek, Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020 at the Bernheim Forest in Cox's Creek.

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Dr. Ken Andries

Goat Breeding, Production, Forage

Dr. George Antonious

Pesticide Residues, Bioremediation, Erosion Management

Dr. Marcus Bernard

Economics of Agroecology and Rural Sociology

Dr. Maheteme Gebremedhin

Environmental Science, Soil Science

Dr. Buddhi Gyawali

Land Use and Cover Change, Farm Diversification and Productivity, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Ecosystems Studies

Dr. Hideka Kobayashi

Orchid Breeding, Cold Adaption

Dr. Shawn Lucas

Organic Vegetable Production, Farmscaping, Bioenergy

Dr. Ibukun Ogunade

Livestock Nutrition

Dr. Farida Olden

Gene Expression, Nutrigenomics, Honeybee Disorders

Dr. Kirk Pomper

Fruit Horticulture Production, Plant Breeding, Biodiversity, Fermentation, Distillation

Dr. John Sedlacek

Conservation Biological Control, Beneficial Insect Biodiversity, Entomology

Dr. Avinash Tope

Food Safety in Produce, Fermentation and Distillation

Dr. Thomas Webster

Honeybee Pathology, Colony Collapse Disorder

Dr. Leigh Whittinghill Urban Agriculture