First & Second Year Experience

1st & 2nd Year Experience

1st-2nd Year Experience provides holistic programming to help 1st-2nd Year students solidify their path of success at Kentucky State University.  From the time of acceptance until the junior year, students will have the opportunity to participate in intentionally designed programs, events and activities that help students to:

  • Build relationships with faculty, staff and peers
  • Solidify connections with the campus community and stakeholders
  • Discover their identity, strengths, and personal interest, while fostering leadership skills
  • Enhancing critical thinking skills
  • Adapt to college-level learning strategies for academic success
  • Explore, choose, and plan for a career post-graduation
  • Foster effective communications skills
  • Instill the value of servant leadership to growth and development

  1st-2nd Year Experience consists of:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Community Learning
  • Intro to University Learning
  • Bred Leaders Mentors

  1st-2nd Year Experience begins with New Student Orientation (NSO). During NSO, newly admitted students:

  • receive a broad overview of KSU services, programs, and departments
  • schedule their classes
  • meet their New Student Orientation Leaders (BRED Leaders)
  • Meet faculty and staff from their major department of interest

Note: New Student Orientation is mandatory for all students.   BRED Week (New Student Week) After attending NSO, new students are encouraged to participate in an extended orientation – BRED Week – prior to the start of classes. During this week, new students participate in a variety of engaging activities that are intentionally designed to prepare students for 1st-year success and beyond. Students will:

  • Mentally and spiritually prepare to adapt to the challenges of college transition
  • Learn KSU Student Right’s and Responsibility
  • Participate in meaningful community service with their peers and campus community
  • Meet faculty and staff
  • Learn how to access important resources