University Resources

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services is proud to support the mission of Kentucky State University through the products and services we offer. Our departments operate under the division of business and finance. Our goal is to help enhance the overall collegiate experience through our products and services available both on and off campus.


Bursar (Cashier’s Office/Finance and Collections)

The Bursar’s Office provides student account and billing information; receives payments for tuition, fees and miscellaneous campus charges; provides collection of delinquent accounts; delivers refunds and financial aid residuals after disbursement.


Campus Police and Security

The Kentucky State University Campus Police Department ensures the safety and security of all campus visitors. We believe that a campus is kept safe through community partnership with students, faculty and staff—working together to provide stability and security for all. Promoting a positive community environment while upholding the law is our mission.


Health Services

Health Services are to provide accessible, timely and confidential primary care while educating students about optimizing their physical and mental health by choosing health behaviors and lifestyles. Achieving these goals will improve academic success, prepare students for a lifetime of good health behaviors and improve student retention.


Information Technology

Information Technology provides technology-based services that support and enhance the mission of Kentucky State University. We play a leadership role in assisting our students, faculty and staff achieve excellence in their teaching, learning and administration experience.


Insurance Claims

With so many people on college campuses, it’s important to make sure that everyone and everything are protected. We realize that risk is different for each student; that’s why Haylor, Freyer & Coon offers a variety of insurance options for collegiate undergraduate and graduate students and professors.