Living Learning Programs

Kentucky State University (KSU) is excited to expand its residential programming to include Living-Learning Programs (LLPs).  Our Living Learning Program is aligned with peer-reviewed and researched high-impact practices shown to enhance the undergraduate experience leading to increased retention and college completion.  KSU will introduce five living-learning programs for the academic year beginning in Fall 2024.

What is the benefit of participation?

Students typically participate in living learning programs centered around shared interests, whether career- or lifestyle-driven.  In all of these communities, students can live with other students who share like-minded interests or similar career goals.

Research has shown that LLP participants tend to experience:

  • Increased academic success
  • Successful progress toward degree
  • An increased sense of belonging, thus increasing chances of continued enrollment
  • Opportunities to connect with faculty, staff, and peers

Fall 2024 Living Learning Programs

  • 1890 Scholars
  • Wellness Village
  • Discovery Scholars
  • Marsha P. Johnson Communal
  • Civic Engagement Community

1890 Scholars

Participants in the 1890 Scholars community will have the opportunity to live and learn with other students receiving the USDA 1890 Scholarships.  Students will receive mentoring and research opportunities from School of Agriculture faculty, participate in USDA-focused organizations, and collaborate with students in the community to assist in the facilitation of special events sponsored by the School of Agriculture, including Ag Round-Up.

Wellness Village

Students electing to participate in the Wellness Village choose a substance-free lifestyle.  Participants commit to not possessing or consuming alcohol, cigarettes or illegal substances.  Students are supported in their commitment via ongoing support groups and/or individual counseling, as well as support resources including yoga and other mindfulness activities.

Discovery Scholars

The Discovery Scholars program is designed for students exploring career interests and are currently undecided on their career path.  Participation in the program provides the opportunity to engage across majors via a multidisciplinary approach through social events, workshops, and coursework.  Students participating in the KSU Accelerate summer bridge program are ideal candidates for the program with support extending throughout the academic year.

Marsha P. Johnson Communal

The Johnson Communal is named in honor of Marsha P. Johnson, best known for her contributions to the fight for gay and transgender rights.  She was affectionately known as Saint Marsha for her generosity and kindness, as she gave clothes and food to others despite having very little of her own.  Participants in the community will provide a safe space for one another and collaborate to improve KSU’s rating on the Campus Pride Index designed to improve the academic experience and quality of campus life of LGBTQ+ students and allies.

Civic Engagement

KSU sits squarely at the center of Kentucky’s state capital.  As such, KSU students have a bird’s eye view of the policies impacting the citizens of the Commonwealth.  Participants in the community will have the opportunity to actively engage with Kentucky lawmakers via a seminar course, sponsored events, workshops, and internships.

Important Information

Students must express interest to participate in one of the new communities through the housing application.  All communities will be housed in Thorobred Hall.  Students must be able to cover the cost of a room in the residence hall.  Those who accept an invitation to a Living Learning Program will be expected to room with another student who is part of the same program. It is very important to the success of the LLP that students live with other students who are involved in the same experiences, classes, and activities.