Suggested Items

Click on the link to download the official KSU list

KYSU Residence Life Suggested Essentials – Updated Printer-Friendly Version

Purchase Residence Hall essentials

It goes without saying that your college-bound teen is going to need furnishings and supplies. There are numerous sites that provide parents and students with essential lists, Check out the resources provided by Bed, Bath and Beyond for a campus checklist.


Connect with future roommate

Once your student knows who the roommate or roommates will be get connected with them in eRezlife. Discuss what you will be bringing to the Residence Hall and what your roommate will bring. This avoids any duplication of the larger items like a mini-fridge, microwave or television. These first few conversations help you get to know the person which alleviates awkwardness on move-in day.

Talk about expectations on move-in day

Don’t hang around when you’re not wanted. If your student wants you to help them move in, help and then leave. Some parents take their student to dinner after move-in and then say goodbye. Don’t embarrass them and let go when it’s time.

Move In Day Helpful Hints

Before move-in day you and your student should do some pregame preparation.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There will be staff around to help/answer questions
  • Stack your crates/containers so they can be carried easily at once.
  • Be courteous! If you’re one floor up, don’t be afraid to take the stairs especially if you have lighter items. Chances are that the stairs will have less traffic.