True Green: The Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million | November 18 - May 18, 2022

True Green: The Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million was launched in response to alumni who asked, "What can I do to support my alma mater?" The answer is simple: GIVE NOW. Give your time, talent and treasure to ensure her future.

For 135 years, Kentucky State University has ensured that underrepresented and underserved populations have access to education that will allow them a lifetime of impact and service. Our collective impact can we ensure our university remains an affordable, world-class institution of education and innovation for generations to come. The question now is, "What will you do to #SupportKSU?" 

make a differenceKentucky State University has identified 93 students with a critical need for alumni scholarship support. As part of the True Green: The Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million, these students need your financial investment in their future. Each has an impressive GPA and looks forward to returning to our college on the Hill this spring.

We are asking our fellow alumni to give a minimum of $186 each towards this endeavor and the first 500 alumni gifts, will ensure these 93 incredible students receive the support they need to complete their degrees. Help them become the future changemakers of our society.



How You Can Impact Our Students

support KSU

Kentucky State University is unlike any other. Her students expect to enter our historic campus and have a life of purpose when they leave to serve the world. The True Green: Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million sets a bold goal for Kentucky State University Alumni to support the future of their alma mater.

Student success on campus is defined in-and-out of the classroom to help each individual get where they need to go. The True Green: Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million eliminates barriers through scholarship, program, and campus improvement support by KSU Alumni. All graduates and those who attended Kentucky State University are encouraged to give their time, talent, and treasure to ensure the future success our 135-year-old beacon of education for those in need.

  • Give your time and talent. Alumni can volunteer to: call alumni to ask for their support; write "thank you" cards for donor support; volunteer to mentor a student group; volunteer to plan a chapter or regional alumni event; or, volunteer to be a speaker or performer at a university or alumni event.
  • Establish a restricted scholarship, department or program fund (minimum commitment of $1,000 per year).
  • Establish a named scholarship: The Thorobred experience depends on our innumerable voices united in the pursuit of knowledge. Your own personal scholarship can bring those voices together in perpetual support of our students.
  • Establish an endowed fund: Endowments endure for a reason. Learn how you can make a difference that will last for all time by supporting a department, program or other functions of the university (minimum commitment of $10,000 to be funded within three years).
  • Establish an endowed scholarship. (minimum commitment of $18,886 to be funded by the end of the fourth year).
  • Leave a legacy by joining the KSUNAA Planned Giving Society: A meaningful gift doesn’t always come immediately from our pockets. It might instead be the gift of a legacy, thoughtfully assembled today for an impact to come through a planned gift to Kentucky State University.

Contact to discuss additional options including endowed professorships, campus landmarks including benches, sponsorships, etc.

Campaign Objectives

Students who enter Kentucky State University expect to have a better life when they exit our doors. The True Green giving campaign sets a bold goal for Kentucky State University alumni to support the future of our alma mater. The campaign is built on two key themes: 1) increasing student scholarships and 2) increasing alumni giving participation at the university. 

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS. As we look onward and upward, no priority is more important than increasing support for our students. Scholarships are critically important to ensuring the KSU experience accessible. Your donation to the True Green: Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million will empower students to lead, grow, and serve. Every donation by you and all alumni lessens financial barriers for our students who turn their higher education into a lifetime of opportunity.

ALUMNI GIVING PARTICIPATION. Every act by our alumni in support of Kentucky State University is immeasurably appreciated. For 135 years, Kentucky State University has always done more with less and continues to press forward no matter the circumstances. Our alumni lead lives of purpose and without your financial support, we cannot provide to our students of today and tomorrow all that is needed for their success. Your participation at this critical point in our 135-year history in the True Green: Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million will ensure our bright future at Kentucky State University.

Campaign Strategy 

Investing in Kentucky State University is about more than simply giving back to your alma mater. It’s about giving others the opportunity to benefit from the unique KSU experience too. True Green: The Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million will launch November 18 to support our 2,400+ enrolled students and end on May 18, 2022. 

Campaign Impact  
  • 25 alumni or alumni chapters* establishing 25 or more new $18,886+ scholarships
  • 50 alumni or alumni chapters establishing 50 or more new $1,000 annual or $10,000 endowed accounts
  • 100 alumni supporting new or established scholarship of more than $1,000 each
  • 500 alumni supporting the True Green: Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million at $500 or more
  • 2,000 or more total alumni supporting the True Green: Alumni Campaign to Raise  $1 million

*Alumni chapters include but are not limited to KSUNAA Chapters, Regions, Fraternal Organizations, or other recognized KSU Affiliated Organizations.

Campaign Highlights

ksunaa logo

Kentucky State University National Alumni Association makes first commitment to the alumni giving campaign

The Kentucky State University National Alumni Association (KSUNAA) has committed the first $5,000 gift to kick-off True Green: The Alumni Campaign to Raise $1 Million and encourage support from other alumni chapters. 

"This is our university. If we (alumni) don't support our alma mater, how can we expect anyone else to see our value," KSUNAA President Richard Graves expressed. "Kentucky State University will not be closed. We will not be merged. Our students will not be forced to attend other universities. We will stand 135 more years on this hill educating future generations of Thorobreds. We will give and we will give generously to our Kentucky State - the university that gave us our foundation to now live meaningful and fulfilling lives. We accept the challenge to #SupportKSU." 

#SupportKSU. GIVE NOW 


Campaign Challenges

November 18: THE THOROBRED EXPERIENCE. A total of 93 exceptional students have been identified and need your help closing the financial gap in order to return to campus for the Spring semester. We're asking our alumni to make a minimum $186 donation to ensure that these Thorobreds can stay on track and continue their college education at Kentucky State University.

December 18: EDUCATION IS A GIFT. One of the most meaningful gifts you can give someone is a bright future, and few things are as empowering to students as an education. Support a student by making a donation today to cover one-credit hour for a current Thorobred: $325 for a Kentucky resident or $488 for a non-resident (undergraduate) | $420 for a Kentucky resident or $630 for a non-resident (graduate). 

December 30-31: 1886 MINUTE GIVING CHALLENGE. Alumni will have 1,886 minutes to make a donation to the True Green campaign in support of student scholarships. The challenge will begin at 4:34 p.m. EST December 30 and end at midnight on Friday, December 31. 

Have an idea on how to increase the success of this campaign? Email

Ways to Give

Every gift - no matter the amount - counts towards the campaign and our goal of ensuring that Kentucky State University is here for generations of Thorobreds to come. Gifts to Kentucky State University are tax deductible. 

Give Online 

To make your gift in the most secure way,
use our online giving option. 

send By Mail 

Make your gift payable to the KSU Foundation and mail to:

Kentucky State University
400 East Main Street
Hume Hall, Suite 102
Frankfort, KY 40601

give us a call

Call (502) 597-6760 to make your gift.


Text #SupportKSU to 243725.

Payroll deduction

Are you a KSU employee? If so, you can support the campaign through a payroll deduction. Simply complete and sign a payroll deduction form and return to Institutional Advancement.

Matching Gifts

Many employers match gifts to higher education. Email to learn more. 

Gifts from an ira

Transfers to Kentucky State University from an IRA must be completed by your IRA custodian.  Funds withdrawn by you and then contributed to KSU will be considered by the IRS as taxable income. Email or call (502) 597-5500 for IRA transfer assistance.

gifts of marketable securities

Email or call (502) 597-5500 to receive stock transfer instructions for your financial advisor.

Planned Gift

Email or call (502) 597-5500 to receive language to be placed in your will or estate to ensure Kentucky State University is supported into perpetuity thanks to your documented intentions.

Encourage Others to #SupportKSU

Thank you for supporting Kentucky State University. Encourage other Thorobreds to give - download one of the graphics below and post to all of your social media accounts. Use of the hashtag #SupportKSU. 



Example Post: I chose Kentucky State University to prepare myself for a better future. Today, I choose to support my alma mater and give back so others can share in the KSU experience. Make your donation at because True
Thorobreds #SupportKSU. 



Example Post: A True Thorobred invests in the future of Kentucky State University, guaranteeing a path forward for all
Thorobreds who come next. I #SupportKSU. Now, it's your turn to give back: 



Example Post: "Who You With?" is more
than just a chant. It's a challenge to all Thorobreds to #SupportKSU. Support is an action. Show yours by giving back - 

Campaign Leadership

Kentucky State University National Alumni Association President – Richard Graves
Kentucky State University Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs – Darryl Thompson
Kentucky State University Institutional Advancement Executive Director – Michael DeCourcy

Campaign Committee
Four Chapter Presidents appointed by KSUNAA President Graves
Four University Leadership/Community Members appointed by Darryl Thompson
Four Foundation Board Members appointed by Executive Secretary Dr. Donald Lyons

Contact Institutional Advancement

For more information about how you can support the True Green alumni giving campaign, email