Bred Women

Winnie Scott WINNIE SCOTT Scott helped establish the only Frankfort hospital serving African Americans at the time. She earned her degree with the first graduating class of Kentucky State. Class of 1890
Effie Waller Smith EFFIE WALLER SMITH African American poet of the early 20th century; in her lifetime, Smith wrote three volumes of poetry, three short stories, and poems for literary magazines. ca. 1900-1901
Alice Allison Dunnigan ALICE ALLISON DUNNIGAN The first African American woman elected to the Women’s National Press Club, Dunnigan covered the presidential campaign of Harry Truman. Class of 1926
Lucy Harth Smith LUCY HARTH SMITH Activist, writer and educator; a pioneer in promoting the study of Black history in the nation’s schools. Class of 1932
Anna Mac Clarke ANNA MAC CLARKE Clarke received orders to become the Fourth Company, Third Regiment’s platoon leader in February 1943, distinguishing her as the first African American WAAC to command an all-white unit. Class of 1941
Ersa Poston Hines ERSA POSTON HINES Hines was one of the highest-ranked women in the federal government, having been appointed a member of the U.S. Civil Service Commission by President Carter in 1977. Class of 1942
Helen Holmes HELEN HOLMES The first African American salutatorian at Williamsport Area High School, an integrated school, Holmes was head of the English department at Kentucky State (1943).
Eleanor Young Love ELEANOR YOUNG LOVE The first African American librarian at the University of Kentucky, Love was also the first African American dean at the University of Louisville. Class of 1944
Mary A. Henderson Adams MARY A. HENDERSON ADAMS Adams was the first African American to earn a degree while attending the University of Kentucky. Class of 1949
Lee Charles Harris LEE CHARLES HARRIS Harris returned to Kentucky State in 1965 to help further develop the nursing program. Through her work, she added a clinical experience component to better prepare program graduates and more create competitive practitioners within the healthcare arena. Class of 1954
Patricia Russell-McCloud PATRICIA RUSSELL-MCCLOUD A “visual speaking experience,” Russell-McCloud was named one of Georgia’s most powerful and influential attorneys by the Women Works Media Group in 2019. Class of 1968
Mary Levi Smith Stowe MARY LEVI SMITH STOWE A trailblazer and a longtime advocate for access to education, Smith-Stowe was Kentucky State University’s first female president and the first African American female president in Kentucky. Served from 1991 to 1998
Schnell R. Garrett SCHNELL R. GARRETT Garrett is director of Student Life at Howard Community College (Maryland). Class of 1996
Tisha Norman TISHA NORMAN Motivational speaker; founder and principal consultant of Transforming Leaders Now, Inc. Norman raised over $15,000 for Kentucky State during her 24-hour birthday fundraiser. Class of 1995
Mollie Williams MOLLIE WILLIAMS Williams practices medicine in New York and is currently the residency program director at The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Class of 1998
Aja Nichols AJA NICHOLS An entrepreneur, Nichols opened her own dental practice, Lifestyle Dentistry (Atlanta) in 2016. Class of 2001
Angela Birchett ANGELA BIRCHETT A Broadway and television actor, Birchett played Jacky Cullum Chisholm in “The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel.” Class of 2002
Ladeidra Jones LADEIDRA N. JONES In January 2019, Jones received a four-year appointment on the Kentucky Parole Board. Class of 2003
Mary E. Sias MARY E. SIAS The 16th president of Kentucky State University, Sias is a nationally known leader and advocate for students and higher education. Served from 2004 to 2014
Lashawna Waller LA’SHAWNA WALLER Waller is a Battalion Commander in the Army National Guard. Class of 2005
Erin Gilliam ERIN GILLIAM An expert in African American history, Gilliam completed a research fellowship from the Council of American Overseas Research – West African Faculty Development Seminar in Senegal in 2020. Class of 2005 | Dean of the Whitney Young Honors Collegium and Associate Professor of History
Lauren D. Williams LAUREN D. WILLIAMS Senior Director of Strategic Audio & Vertical Marketing at Pandora in New York City, Wiliams has been working in marketing for over 14 years across entertainment, financial services, consumer packaged goods, quick food service, adult beverages and retail industries. Class of 2006
Elisabeth Peach ELISABETH PEACH An office and training manager at Aspen Dental in Frankfort, Peach volunteers to help veterans regain their smiles through the company’s Healthy Mouth Movement. Class of 2010
Amber C. Lane AMBER C. LANE Lane is a licensed social work counselor at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital (Texas). Class of 2011
Danielle (Roberts) Adams DANIELLE (ROBERTS) ADAMS Adams was named teacher of the year at Green Magnet Academy in Knoxville. Class of 2011
Arielle Crosby ARIELLE CROSBY Native Detroiter and performer, Crosby made her professional theatre debut as the narrator in Detroit Public Theatre's production of the Off-Broadway hit "Murder Ballad" and shortly thereafter made her national tour debut in Motown the Musical. Class of 2012
Tinesha Davis TINESHA DAVIS Davis represented Ohio in the Miss Black USA Pageant in Washington D.C. Class of 2012
Ashley Davis ASHELY DAVIS Davis is principal of Pauline A. Shaw Elementary School, Boston. Class of 2013
Jordan Perry JORDAN PERRY Perry is a software engineer, developing software for various Fortune 500 companies including Walmart and BMW. Class of 2015
Brandy Ashford BRANDY ASHFORD Ashford is the visionary behind the eyewear company Focused on Forever (Hamburg Vision Center, Lexington). Class of 2017
2018 Women's Volleyball 2018 WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL The 2018 women’s volleyball team was recognized in the Kentucky Legislature by Senator Carroll for their accomplishment as SIAC champions
Paola Flores PAOLA FLORES Flores made history as the first student-athlete in Kentucky State’s to earn national academic honors, named 2019 Google Cloud Academic All-America® First Team. Class of 2020
Dayan Munoz DAYAN MUNOZ Munoz cared for patients while gaining valuable experience at Frankfort Regional Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic. Class of 2020
Alexus Loyd ALEXUS LOYD Loyd was named a 2019 Newman Civic Fellow. Class of 2021
Elaine Farris ELAINE FARRIS Farris was the first African American school superintendent in Kentucky. Kentucky State University Board of Regents Chair
April Fallon APRIL FALLON Fallon published her first scholarly book, “Maeve Brennan: A Migrant Mind” in 2020. Professor of English
Katrina Sexton KATRINA SEXTON Sexton’s research was published in the Journal of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education Volume 3, Issue 2b, December 2019 edition. She presented at the International Research Conference for Developing Educators for Leadership in Schools in Calgary in July 2019. Director of Training Resources Center
Pernella Deams PERNELLA DEAMS Deams was selected to serve on an ad hoc committee of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools on Colleges (SACSCOC) Board of Trustees in 2020. Interim Vice President for Student Engagement
Mary Barr MARY BARR Barr received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for the 2020-21 academic year. Assistant Professor of Sociology
La'quida R. Smith LA’QUIDA R. SMITH Smith was accepted to doctorate program in educational psychology at the University of Kentucky. Instructor of Psychology
Jackie Gordon Duvall JACKIE GORDON DUVALL Duvall was named the 2020 Harry J. Cowherd Service to Youth Award recipient by the Frankfort Optimist Club. Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator
Lori C. Hicks LORI C. HICKS Hicks was appointed to the National Association of Schools of Music nominating committee. Interim chair, School of Humanities and Performing Arts
Takeia Anthony TAKEIA ANTHONY Anthony was awarded the Vivian A. Ware Research Fellowship. Associate Professor of History