Subaward Process

A subrecipient is an entity outside KSU that will perform a portion of the actual scope of work. The subrecipient is an integral part of the research project and accepts responsibility for a portion of the project effort. Subrecipients are written into the original proposal as collaborating institutions.



When working on your proposal, please identify who the PI will be at the subrecipient institution and instruct the PI to apprise their institution’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) of our intent to work with them. They need at least two weeks to secure all required documentation, which is listed below:

  1. Letter of intent 
  2. Budget and budget justification
  3. Scope of work
  4. Signed subrecipient commitment form
  5. Depending on the funding agency, most require the following:
    1. Current and Pending
    2. Conflict of Interest
    3. Biosketch
  6. Other sponsor specific requirements (refer to NOFO)

KSU’s OSP will only receive these documents directly from the subrecipient institution’s OSP. If the submission is via, KSU’s OSP will be responsible for entering the materials into



  • It is the responsibility of the PI to review the budget to determine whether it is reasonable in terms of the scope of work.
  •  The PI must also determine that the proposed subrecipient is technically able to perform the work.
  • The PI may also be required to include both direct and indirect costs of the subrecipient as a direct cost line item in your budget (depends on submission platform).



Once you have received the official award notice, the actual subaward agreement is prepared by KSU’s OSP. The agreement specifies the required work, performance period, budget period, allowable costs, billing and reporting requirements. 

  • The PI will submit a request for a subaward to the OSP.
  • The OSP will coordinate with the OSP at the subrecipient institution to get the agreement fully executed.
  • Any subaward modification requests must go through the OSP. 
  • Subrecipient agreements are usually issued for a one-year period of time.



  • The PI will send vendor registration paperwork to the subrecipient.
  • The completed paperwork will be sent to Accounts Payable to get the vendor added to the payment database.
  • The PI will complete a requisition to establish a standing order for payment to the subrecipient. The Purchase Order (PO) will be issued once the requisition is approved.
  • The subrecipient will invoice monthly or quarterly, and the PO number MUST BE ON THE INVOICE.
  • The invoice should be sent to both the PI and to



  • At a minimum, all potential subrecipient institutions/organizations must have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number. They must also be assigned a Commercial and Government Entities Code (CAGE) number.
  • Also, per 2 CFR 200.111, all documentation related to the subaward must be in English and must be in the terms of U.S. dollars. The documentation may be translated into another language. In the event of inconsistency between terms and conditions and the translation into another language, the English language meaning will control.
  • International subrecipients are more complex and challenging, and as such, more information may be required and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


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