Proposal Submission

Steps for Proposal Submission Diagram

All proposals and applications for external funding by faculty and staff, including subrecipient commitment forms and other materials involving KSU in grant applications submitted by other institutions, must be reviewed by and submitted in coordination with the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs. The University is not obligated to accept awards for proposals that are not submitted through the Office.

Please follow the steps and timeline outlined above for coordinating the preparation and submission of a proposal with the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs. Following this timeline will allow time for Principal Investigators to receive valuable feedback, address any errors or oversights, and ensure a smooth submission of the proposal. It will also result in a more competitive proposal.

Beginning in 2023, the Office will ask that Principal Investigators complete a Transmittal Form and obtain signatures by the Chair and Dean on the form before the Office will submit a proposal, application, or subrecipient commitment.

The Transmittal Form can be found on the Forms page. The submission of the Transmittal Form is a necessary step toward tracking submissions, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations, and facilitating the setup of grant awards

Roles and Responsibilities

The following is a general outline of the responsibilities of the Principal Investigator, Chair, Dean, and Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs in the preparation and submission of proposals and grant applications.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for:

  • Proposal development and ensuring that the proposal has technical merit.
  • Budget development and ensuring that the budget items and amounts are appropriate for the project.

The Department Chair and Dean review the proposal to:

  • Assure the overall soundness of the project
  • Assure consistency with the goals, objectives, and interests of their department and college.
  • Assure availability of resources if awarded.

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the proposal complies with the funding agency’s regulations and guidelines, as well as the University’s policies and interests.
  • Reviewing and correcting the budget as needed.
  • Reviewing the proposal and identifying changes that may be needed to the proposal or ways of improving the proposal.
  • Verifying that institutional commitments regarding matching, cost-sharing, or in-kind contributions have been obtained.

Electronic packages for submission through,, or other electronic application systems must be completed by the Principal Investigator prior to release to the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs.  Faculty and staff can receive assistance and training from the Office to complete work on the electronic package upon request.