IRB and IACUC are University committees, involving faculty members and staff from across the university. The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs provides administrative support to the committees and coordinates reviews conducted by IRB and IACUC.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB protects the rights and interests of human research subjects for research conducted under the auspices of the University. All research projects involving human subjects that are conducted at the University and/or by University personnel, regardless of whether or not it is externally funded, must be reviewed and approved by the IRB.

Proposals involving human subjects should be submitted to the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs for assignment to the IRB, along with completed forms corresponding to the type of research being proposed. Please contact the Office to discuss your project, and we will provide the forms that you need. The Office can also provide a model consent form that researchers can adapt and use as needed to document informed consent of human subjects. Principal Investigators should allow at least 30 days for completion of IRB review.

Following IRB review, the Principal Investigator will receive a response in writing regarding approval, disapproval, or suggestions for modifying the proposed protocol and resubmission.


IACUC provides oversight of and reviews the care and use of vertebrate animals in teaching, testing, and research at the University, in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. More information about the Animal Welfare Act and its guidance regarding IACUC can be found here:

For information regarding IACUC and the forms to complete for review of activities involving animal care and use, or to report an issue regarding animal welfare at the University, please contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs.