Table 3. Pawpaw Cultivars

Name Description Place of Origin Pedigree
Arkansas Beauty 2,18   AR  
Betty Wirt 3,18 Fruit weighs up to 1# (454 g), but averages 6 oz. (159 g) Wirt County, WV  
Buckman 22,23 White flesh color, mild flavor; late to very late maturity    
Cheatwood 2   Gallia, OH  
Cheeley 2   Iuka, IL  
Cox’s Favorite 2      
Davis 4,8,11 Fruit 4 oz. (113 g), up to 4 3/4″ (12cm) long; yellow-fleshed; ripens 1st week of October in MI; green skin; seed large; keeps well in cold storage; Available: Corwin Davis, Sherwood’s Greenhouses Bellevue, MI From wild, 1959
Dr. Potter 2 Small fruit size; mild flavor; ships fairly well; late maturity; rich yellow flesh Julietta, IN  
Duck 21      
Early Best 2   IN  
Early Cluster 2      
Early Gold 22      
Endicott 2   Villa Ridge, IL  
Fairchild 22,23 Early maturity   ‘Ketter’ seedling
G-2 19     Zimmerman seed
Gable 22,23 Late to very late maturity PA  
Glaser 20   Evansville, IN  
Hann 2   AR  
Hengst 19      
Holtwood 21      
Hope’s August 2,23 Early maturity Paint, OH  
Hope’s September 2   Paint, OH  
Jumbo 23 Late to very late maturity    
Kercheval 18      
Ketter 2,23 Matures evenly; skin comparatively thick & tough; does not discolor markedly; flesh medium yellow; mild but very rich flavor, neither insipid nor cloying; large yellow fruit; early maturity Ironton, OH  
Kirsten 1 Available: Sherwood’s Greenhouses Aliquippa, PA Tom Mansell seedling ‘Taytoo’ x ‘Overleese’
Kurle 15 Small-medium in size; yellow flesh and skin MI Seedling from ‘Davis’
Lawvere 18      
Little Rosie 12 Small fruit size Evansville, IN  
Long John 22      
M-119   ‘G-2’ seedling  
Mango 19 Available: Sherwood’s Greenhouses    
Martin 2,22 Large fruit size (Zimmerman says small size); flesh yellow & of superior quality (Zimmerman says skin tough); withstands cold well Springfield, OH  
Mary (Foos) Johnson 18 Available: Northwoods Nursery    
Mason/WLW 19   Mason, OH  
Middletown 19   Middletown, OH  
Mitchell 14   Franklin Co., IL from wild
Mudge 18      
NC-113 Fruit 10-12 oz. (284-341 g); few seed; yellow flesh and skin; Available: J. H. Gordon   Davis’ x ‘Overleese’
Osborne 22,23 Late to very late maturity    
Oswald 2   Hagerstown, MD  
Overleese 8,10,18 Fruit 6 oz. (170 g); bears in clusters of 3 to 5; ripens 1st week of October in MI; Available: Sherwood’s Greenhouses Rushville, IN about 1950
Prolific 10,11 Fruit 7-8 oz. (199-227 g); yellow flesh; ripens 1st week of October in MI; Available: Corwin Davis Bellevue, MI seedling from Corwin Davis orchard
Propst Early 2      
Rebecca’s Gold 1,5,19 Available: Sherwood’s Greenhouses CA seed from Corwin Davis orchard
Rees 2 Flesh pale yellow & of good flavor; seeds exceptionally small; not a large fruit size    
Roach 2   DeKaIb, MO  
SAA-Zimmerman 13 Fruit 68 oz. (170-227 g); few seed; yellow flesh and skin; Available: J.H. Gordon Tonasanda, NY seedling from L H. McDaniel
Schriber 22      
Scott 2   WV  
Shannondale 22,23 Late to very late maturity    
Silver Creek 20 Medium sized fruit Millstedt, IL  
Sunflower 7,8,9,10 Self-fertile; fruit large, up to 8 oz. (227 g); butter color flesh; skin yellowish; few seed; ripens 1st week of
October in MI; Available: Corwin Davis, Northwoods, Sherwood’s Greenhouses
Chanute, KS from wild
Sweet Alice 19,20 Available: Sherwood’s OH or WV  
Taylor 22,23 Not the same as ‘Taylor’ described below; flesh light color, mild flavor; late to very late maturity    
Taylor 6,8,9,10,11 Small fruit; bears up to 7 fruit in a cluster; yellow flesh, green skin; ripens 1st week of October in MI

Available: Corwin Davis

Eaton Rapids, MI about 1967 from wild
Taytoo 6,8,9,10,11,17 Fruit up to 10 oz~ (284 g); begins ripening 10th of October in MI; skin light green when ripe; fruit yellow fleshed; Available: Corwin Davis Eaton Rapids, MI about 1967 from wild
Tiedke 22,23 late to very late maturity    
Uncle Tom 2,16 Probably the first named variety on record; ripens mid-September in IN; fruitsets singly and in pairs; not available Cartersburg, IN seedling
Vena 20      
Wilson 14,19 Available: Sherwood’s Greenhouses Cumberland, KY Found by John Creech
Zimmerman 19     Zimmerman seed

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*The Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
*Research Needs
*Table 1 - Descriptions for Species of Asimina Native to the United States Mainland
*Table 2 - Nomclature of Asimina Species
*Table 3 - Pawpaw Cultivars
*Table 4 - Traits to be Considered When Selecting Pawpaws
*Figure 1 - Distribution of Asimina triloba in the united States
*Figure 2 - Distribution of Asimina Species Native to Extreme Southeastern United States
*Figure 3 - Distribution of Asimina parviflora in the United States