Recent Kentucky State University Pawpaw Publications

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Geneve, R., S. Kester, and K. Pomper. 2007. Autonomous Shoot Production in Pawpaw (Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal). Propagation of Ornamental Plants, 7: 51-56. [PDF]

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Duffrin M.W. and K.W. Pomper. 2006. Development of Flavor Descriptors for Pawpaw Fruit Puree: A Step Toward the Establishment of a Native Tree Fruit Industry. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal. 35:118-130. [PDF]

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Koslanund, R., D.D. Archbold, and K.W. Pomper. 2005. Pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.)] Fruit Ripening. II. Activity of Selected Cell-wall Degrading Enzymes. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 130:643-648. [PDF]

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Pomper, K. W. and R.J. Barney. 2003. Introduction to the second international pawpaw conference. HortTechnology 13: 410-411. [PDF]

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Postman, J. D., K. E. Hummer, and K. W. Pomper. 2003. Vascular disease in Oregon regional pawpaw variety trial. HortTechnology 13: 418-420. [PDF]

Merwin, I. A., R. Byard, and K. W. Pomper. 2003. Survival, growth, and establishment of grafted pawpaws in upstate New York. HortTechnology 13: 421-422. [PDF]

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Pomper, K.W., D.R. Layne, and E.B. Reed. 2002. Determination of the optimal rate of slow-release fertilizer for enhanced growth of pawpaw seedlings in containers. HortTechnology 13:397-401. [PDF]

Extension Publications and Web Sites

Finneseth, C., S. Kester, R. Geneve, K. Pomper, and D. Layne. 2000. Propagation of pawpaw (Asimina triloba). Combined Proceedings International Plant Propagator’s Society 50:413-416. [PDF]

Pomper, K.W., D.R. Layne, and R.N. Peterson. 1999. The pawpaw regional variety trial, p.353-357. In J. Janick (ed). Perspectives on New Crops and New Uses. ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA. [PDF]

Jones, S.C, R.N. Peterson, T. Turner, K.W. Pomper, and D. R. Layne. 1998. Pawpaw planting guide: cultivars and nursery sources. KSU Pawpaw Ext. Bull.PIB-002. [link]