Pawpaw Enemies

Asimina spp. are thought to be troubled by very few pests. Birds and mammals such as foxes, opossums, squirrels, and raccoons eat the fruit. However, only one pathogen, Zygophiala jamaicensis, or flyspeck, has been reported (Nasu and Kunoh, 1987). Lepidopteran insects (caterpillars), namely, Eurytides marcellus, Omphalocera munroei, and Talponia plummeriana, have also been reported to damage the foliage (Damman, 1989; Allard, 1955).


*The Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
*Research Needs
*Table 1 - Descriptions for Species of Asimina Native to the United States Mainland
*Table 2 - Nomclature of Asimina Species
*Table 3 - Pawpaw Cultivars
*Table 4 - Traits to be Considered When Selecting Pawpaws
*Figure 1 - Distribution of Asimina triloba in the united States
*Figure 2 - Distribution of Asimina Species Native to Extreme Southeastern United States
*Figure 3 - Distribution of Asimina parviflora in the United States