Summer Apprenticeship Program

Program Dates:  July 10 - 30, 2022

Application Deadline:  June 20, 2022

Registration Documents Due by: June 30, 2022

Late applications will be considered if space is still available!

SAP Brochure

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• Offered to high school rising Juniors and Seniors (Focus is Rising Juniors)

• Residential, three-week program

The Summer Apprenticeship Program is designed to prepare students for college life while exposing them to different career opportunities in STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics—fields.  The program is modeled to introduce students (grades 10-12) to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) integrated into topics in agricultural sciences, environmental monitoring, and open source technology.

Scheduled activities seek to empower the next generation of scientists, technology professionals, and industry leaders by providing “real world” experiences with real scientists and technical professionals at Kentucky State University.  The program includes a range of hands-on activities including mentor-based experiential research, travel to culturally significant and historic sites throughout Kentucky, and visits to STEM professional workplaces.

  • Students will have many opportunities for experimental research experiences through short projects focused on topics in Aquaculture, Agriculture and Food Sciences, Computer Science, Microbiology, Behavioral Sciences, GeoSpatial Sciences, Nutrition, and other areas.
  • Students will attend college preparatory courses in addition to receiving instruction for developmental classes in the areas of math, chemistry, and physics.
  • Students will participate in expert led talks with professional scientists and special guest speakers from government and corporate agencies and get visit STEM-based workplaces
  • Students will engage in team building and personal development activities for building comradery among participants and for building ongoing dialog.

This program is supported by National Science Foundation Historically Black College and Universities-Undergraduate Program (NSF-HBCU-UP).

For additional information,
please contact
Bruce Griffis

Application Forms:

The application forms are in Adobe PDF format (you can get Adobe Reader for free by clicking on this link) and they can be downloaded and printed out for filling in manually and either mailed in via the post office  or scanned  and emailed to

Instructions for Applying

  1. First step is to complete the application here: Sample SAP Application
    (application deadline - June 20, 2022 )

  2. Next, complete the registration documents: Sample SAP Registration
    (registration deadline - June 20, 2022)

  3. Next, look over the handbook, including suggested packing list: SAP Handbook


Contact Information

Kentucky State University
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Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 597-6672 or (502) 597-5905
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