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Kentucky State University RA’s

What is an RA?

Resident Assistants (RAs) serve as mentors, provide a built-in support system, and enhance the sense of community within the residence halls. RAs also manage incidents and handle some administrative tasks for each building. The RA’s primary goal is to shape an environment that supports academic, social, and personal development through responding to the personal needs of all residents in the community. 

Resident Assistant duties and responsibilities

Resident Assistants are responsible for keeping students safe, engaged and comfortable. Their typical duties and responsibilities can include:

  • Listening to any concerns or issues students may have and communicating these to leadership or administration
  • Preparing for and participating in students’ first week on campus, including creating activities to engage students, checking them into the dorms and conducting an orientation for the residence halls
  • Helping students stay informed about campus activities and clubs to encourage student engagement on campus
  • Addressing any concerns students may have with other residents and acting as a moderator to solve any problems
  • Staying up to date with college and dorm guidelines to ensure students are following them at all times
  • Holding regular meetings with the students they oversee and planning fun, engaging activities to help students connect

What are the benefits of becoming a RA?

The benefits to becoming a RA are limited only by your ambition, but if we have to get specific, check these perks out:

  • Gain valuable leadership experience
  • Directly impact lives and the KSU community
  • Develop transferable skills for future endeavors
  • Add to your career experience on your professional resume
  • Get first-hand diversity experience
  • Network with KSU faculty and staff

Resident Assistant skills and qualifications

Since this position involves regularly interacting with students and boosting morale, a Resident Assistant needs many skills to successfully do their job. Some of these skills and qualifications can include:

  • Ability to act professionally at all times and as a strong role model for residents
  • Personable, friendly and outgoing personality
  • Effective communication and listening skills to interact with students
  • Ability to maintain a calming presence in case of emergency events in order to direct and assist residents safely
  • Good organization and planning skills
  • Great time management

Forms and Processes
RA Program Form