Trademark and Licensing

The Kentucky State University Trademarks and Licensing Program is administered by the Division of Marketing. The KSU Division of Marketing protects, promotes, and preserves the exclusive intellectual property rights of the University’s name, logos, slogans, colors, mascot name, trademarks, service marks and other indicia related to Kentucky State, its programs and services, and its athletic teams (collectively, the “marks”).

The University owns all rights in the marks, and the marks may not be used for any purpose without the advance written permission of Kentucky State. Such uses may include, but are not limited to, commercial use, advertising and promotion, marketing, product manufacture and sales, fundraising, sponsorship, and services.

The Director of Marketing, finance and administration, and athletics work closely and in partnership with CLC to monitor commercial and internal use of the marks.

Individuals, groups and organizations, both on and off campus, seeking to use any version of the University’s marks must have prior approval and the item must be purchased from an official CLC licensee. In addition, all vendors and groups must have their artwork approved prior to production. This also includes sale to University departments, campus organizations and recognized alumni clubs and organizations. Promotions and advertising are included as well.

Before an individual or business may use Kentucky State University’s marks, formal permission must be granted through a license agreement with CLC. A step-by-step guide for this purpose is located on CLC’s website at underneath the “Get Licensed” tab. The application to become licensed for Kentucky State University can be found here. For any assistance to become a licensed vendor for Kentucky State University, please reach out to