CommunicationsKentucky State University Communications and Publications acts as liaison between the university and its many audiences and stakeholders.


  • To increase awareness of the positive impact Kentucky State University has on the community, state, region and nation.
  • To strengthen the sense of community and connection between Kentucky State and its key stakeholders.
  • To serve as a resource for news media and to manage the university’s communications.
  • To enhance Kentucky State's ability to attract and sustain the resources it needs to continue to be successful. 


Kentucky State University faculty, staff and students are constantly involved in activities in the classroom, in the community and beyond. Recent news from The Hill »


Onward & Upward, Kentucky State's quarterly alumni magazine is available online

Good News is a newsletter prepared for the Council on Postsecondary Education


Social Media

Kentucky State’s voice in the social media environment is similar to its style in publications — conversational, courageous, friendly, and approachable. Social media enhances communication, engagement, collaboration, and information exchange in support of the University’s mission. University departments and student organizations must seek permission from the Division of Brand Identity and University Relations prior to embarking on social media. Kentucky State’s social media handle is @KyStateU.


  • Seek approval and training from the Division of Brand Identity and University Relations
  • Have authorization to post on your department’s behalf
  • Protect confidential and proprietary information
  • Respect copyright and fair use
  • Ensure the security of social media accounts
  • Be respectful and thoughtful
  • Be consistent and timely
  • Be accurate
  • Use the University name in your handle first (e.g. @KySUAdmissions or @KySUAg)
  • Create accounts using your KSU email only
  • Link back to anytime you are able to


  • Post private, restricted, or sensitive information
  • Engage in arguments or negative dialogue when someone disagrees with your post
  • Represent your personal views as those of the University
  • Use images that are too small to be easily recognized in a browser or on mobile devices
  • Design your own department logo that is not recognizable as being affiliated with the brand identity of Kentucky State
  • Use Kentucky State’s logo or any other University images on personal social media sites

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  • Location: Hume Hall, Suite 103
  • Phone: (502) 597-6286 (direct line)
  • Phone: (502) 597-6760 (main office)
  • Fax: (502) 597-6995
  • Email: