Starting Your Project Request: A Step-by-Step Quick Guide

step-by-step quick guide to projectesSTEP 1: Submit Project Request Form

Complete and submit the project request form to start the process. In order to start your project request, you must submit all content and media (e.g. photos, videos, graphics). Your project will not begin without all requirements necessary to complete the job. If media is too large to attach or email, please deliver on a USB drive to Marketing. You will receive an automated thank you response once the form is successfully submitted. A team member will contact you to let you know we’ve received your request and, if necessary, to schedule a meeting to further discuss your project.

STEP 2: Consultation

The first consultation may be by phone, email or in person meeting. We will discuss and finalize:

  • Scope of work and production timeframe and schedule, budget, and other project details
  • Plan of action to best complete your project
  • Review project processes and expectations
  • Approve scope of work agreement or production schedule

STEP 3: Scope of Work Agreement (Major Projects Only)

  • After consultation, you’ll receive a scope of work agreement that outlines agreed deliverables
  • The agreement includes a production schedule with key date deadlines (keep this production schedule for your reference)
  • Sign and return the agreement; upon receipt, the project will start

STEP 4: Production

  • Copy editing and/or writing, design and layout will begin following the steps outlined in the production schedule. You are responsible for the accuracy of the content. Marketing will edit for University style, punctuation, and grammar. Copy changes and wordsmithing should occur at this stage and should be avoided once the project enters design phase. If copy changes occur during the design phase you may have to enter a new project request form (project will start over in the design queue and be tracked according to new entry date).
  • Project proofs are provided according to production schedule. Each project receives only three rounds of design edits. A tracking sheet is attached to every project and assists with keeping the project to the production schedule. Please initial the tracking sheet once proof is received and returned with any edits. Only three rounds of edits, per each project, is permitted.
  • After project review and approval, the project will be released to the printers. Each department is responsible for its external production printing costs.

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