Leadership Giving

Academic Support 

Named School or College 
To provide an endowment for continuing support.

The President’s Fund for Excellence 
To provide discretionary funds for use by the president for the furtherance of academic excellence.

The Dean’s Fund for Excellence 
To provide discretionary funds to a specific college or school for excellence.

Named Center, Institute, or Bureau 
To support the ongoing operation and research of the organization.

Named Department Funds for Excellence 
To provide an endowment for continuing support and advancement excellence.

Library Support

Named Major Library Collection 
To cover acquisitions and processing costs in a major collection or for a special collection area.

Named Curatorship 
To endow a curator for a distinguished special collection.

Named Library for Fund Excellence 
To support ongoing major equipment and information needs.

Faculty Support

Named Distinguished University Professor 

To support a preeminent scholar of international reputation with an endowment sufficient to the aspirations of the program.

Named Endowed Chair 
To provide full support for an outstanding scholar.

Named Professorship 
To provide supplemental support for an outstanding faculty member.

Named Faculty Fellowship 
To support a faculty member engaged in specific work of particular importance.

Named Endowed Research Fund 
To support endowment income with research efforts in a field designated by the donor.

Named Lecture of Seminar Series 
To support lectures by scholars and public figures or special seminars.

Student Support

Named Regents Fellowship
To cover tuition and fees, room and board, and other expenses for an outstanding graduate student.

Named Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship Fund 
To provide full tuition, room, and board for a financially needy and deserving undergraduate in a field of study, college or location that may be stipulated by the donor.
Endowment for Tuition Only ($50,000)

Named Regents Scholarship 
To provide room and board and other expenses for an outstanding undergraduate student while the campus contributes tuition and fees.

Named Existing Buildings 

To provide funds to renovate current buildings, to establish maintenance endowment, or for general support.

Named Renovated Buildings  

Named Future Buildings 

Named Laboratory 
To provide an endowment for the general support of a laboratory.

Public Service

Named Community Service Program 

Named Cultural Program  
To provide funds to support a concert, seminar, conference, exhibition, etc.

General Endowments

To provide support for a donor determined program, activity, scholarship or unrestricted support.