Areas of Greatest Need


Endowments are how universities ensure perpetual stability. By increasing current and creating new endowments, we will secure the necessary resources to position KSU for long-term success. Endowments can be established for scholarships, professorships, department chairs, lecture series and much more. Those who fund an endowment not only fill a university need but also immortalize family name or value in perpetuity by naming the endowment after a loved one or placing funding in an area of their interest.


With a focused effort on growing resources, we increase access to higher education for exceptionally bright students who may not have the opportunity to attend college otherwise. Kentucky State University is committed to serving current students as well as future students. This commitment includes lessening the financial burden while they are enrolled and after graduation. Scholarships are how we combat rising educational costs for our students.

Athletic Infrastructure

Athletic infrastructure will allow our athletic program to take its rightful place on the national stage and be a perennial contender in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. We currently have student-athletes who are performing at the level to be considered for national competition. However, they may not be able to participate due to injuries sustained in part by inadequate facilities. Part of the funds raised by the campaign will address facilities, which include a new track and field venue and renovations to existing facilities. Athletics also plays a vital role in creating a vibrant, active campus atmosphere and a rallying point for alumni nationwide. Athletics is often the “front porch” of a university and contributes to the overall university image.