Third Party Vendor Student Aid

Vendors / Sponsors Responsibility

  1. Authorizations must clearly state student’s name, campus wide ID number, term(s) covered, what is and is not covered, contact person’s name, phone number, fax number and billing address.
  2. If an authorization has been honored and the student is terminated from your agency, you should seek reimbursement from the student.
  3. Payment is due within 30 days from date of invoice.
  4. Authorizations will not be contingent upon grades, attendances, etc.
  5. Always notify the University immediately of changes to your authorizations.
  6. Payments may be made via check or electronic funds transfer. Please contact the Bursars Office for information regarding electronic funds transfer.

Student’s Responsibility

  1. Authorizations and/or purchase orders should be presented to the Bursar’s Office on or before registration every semester. If your authorization is for more than the present semester (e.g. multiple semesters) inform the Bursar’s Office after you have registered. Authorizations may be faxed, mailed, emailed from your sponsor, or presented in person. The funds will not be applied without the paperwork.
  2. You are responsible for payment of your tuition and fees if the authorization is not received before the first official class day. An authorization may be presented later in the semester if your sponsor is waiting for grades. Once the check is received and applied to your account, a refund will be generated for those students who have already paid with personal funds.
  3. You are responsible for all applicable penalties (late fees, reinstatement fees, etc.). Your classes may be cancelled if the authorization is not presented by the published payment deadline.
  4. Account adjustments (corrections, sponsor disallowances, etc) can create a balance on your account at any time. You must pay any balance that is not covered by your sponsor.  Holds will be placed on your account for any outstanding balance.
  5. Please keep your address and phone number current. 
  6. If you leave/withdraw from KSU you must notify the Bursar’s Office to avoid billing complications or holds on your account.

Kentucky State University Responsibility

  1. Once the authorization has been received by the Bursar’s Office, your sponsoring agency will be invoiced.
  2. If a balance remains, an Ebill will be sent to your university email.
  3. If adjustments are made that create a balance on your account, we will send you a bill. If the adjustment creates a credit balance, a refund will be generated.