Returned Check Policy

There is a $50.00 fee on all returned checks.

In the event that a check has been returned, the issuer will be notified and informed that they have 10 days to make *restitution, including any related fees to prevent any further collection activity.  Once the university is informed of a returned check, a hold will be placed on the individual’s account.  A personal check will not be accepted as repayment for a returned check.

*(Restitution must be made in the form of cash, certified/cashier’s check, or money order.)

Hold Procedures

A HOLD is a restriction that is placed on the student’s account. The Bursar’s Office places two types of holds on student accounts:

  1. Financial Hold: this hold will not allow students to register, add or drop class(es) and prevents release of transcripts;
  2. Collection Hold: this hold will not allow students to obtain transcript(s) or reenroll until the balance is satisfied.

Students can check HOLD information by accessing their account online using the KSU WIRED.

How to release HOLDS placed by the Bursar’s Office

  1. Hold for Outstanding balance: Please visit the Bursar’s Office. For more information, visit How To Pay.  Holds will be removed within 60 seconds only after it has been determined that the balance has been paid in full.
  2. Hold for Federal Perkins Loans, contact Bursar's Office at (502) 597-6924 
  3. Hold for invalid address or email address:
    Please visit the Registrar’s Office or visit WIRED to update your address. Email the Registrar’s Office after updating your address online. The holds will be removed after it has been determined that the address information is valid.
    NOTE: To release holds placed by other departments, you MUST contact that department directly.