ESL Program: International Pathway

International Bridge Pathway will combine the English as Second Language Program (ESL) to support classes with credit bearing courses. Through this proposed program, Kentucky State University (KSU) will offer international conditional admission for students who have demonstrated academic achievement, but who may need additional English language preparation and academic support in order to succeed in their academic degree.

This proposal seeks to establish International Bridge Pathway that combines the English as Second Language (ESL) program at KSU, which is a program under the umbrella of International Affairs. The proposed program provides intensive English language and culture instructions to students whose native language is not English and are not yet proficient in English, helping them prepare for further study and work in college course or daily life. Moreover, the proposed ESL program serves as a bridge pathway for students whose English Language proficiency is lower than required seeking to study ESL and admit to a degree program at Kentucky State University. Students will be considered as international conditional admissions.

ESL Program - Teacher providing instruction with whiteboard