Office of Accessibility and Disability Services

Did you know that as many as 15% of adults have some type of disability?  Disabilities may be permanent or temporary.  They may be mild or debilitating.  Because of the range of differences in severity, some individuals with disabilities are able to work and attend the University with no problems arising.  In some cases, they may need assistance.  For students, employees, and visitors to the campus who have disabilities and need accommodations, Kentucky State University provides support in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


The vision of the Office of Accessibility and Disability Services is to provide equal access and opportunities throughout the campus to individuals who have a disability, for academic and social success.  We advocate for reasonable accommodations‚ removal of barriers‚ and acceptance of different learning methods. In partnership with students‚ faculty‚ and staff‚ our purpose is to achieve an accessible educational environment where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of the university community.

Services for Students

The mission of the Office of Accessibility and Disability Services is to facilitate equal access to KSU’s campus, programs, activities, and services, in accordance with federal and state regulations and University policies. We support this mission by applying eligibility guidelines and coordinating the delivery of appropriate accommodations so that students with disabilities can pursue their educational goals. Additionally, we promote greater disability awareness campus-wide. The University also provides reasonable accommodations to students and campus visitors with disabilities through the Office of Disability Services in Hathaway Hall room 107. Students with disabilities are invited to contact Dr. Phillip Clay ( at (502) 597-6041 for information on eligibility, required documentation, and available services.

Services for Employees and Visitors

The University assists employees with disabilities whose conditions impact their ability to perform their jobs by providing reasonable accommodations as required by the ADA.  Using official documentation from physicians and other health professionals, eligibility for accommodations is determined.  The types of accommodations provided to employees are determined based on their individual needs.  Examples of common accommodations may include, but are not limited to: temporary reassignment of work duties; assistive technology; training for new responsibilities; job restructuring; providing special seating or desk equipment; and allowing alternate work schedules to allow for doctor appointments or therapy. Employees may contact the Office of Human Resources in room 429 of the Academic Services Building.  Employees, supervisors, and program coordinators who would like more information on services available to individuals with disabilities should contact Dr. Phillip Clay at (502) 597-6041 or