Disability Resources – Qualifying for Services

If you have a documented disability and want to receive accommodations at KSU, you will need to officially register with the Office of Disability Services every semester .

Please call (502) 597-6041 to schedule a confidential meeting to discuss your disability and your accommodation needs. Ideally we will meet in person, but if necessary due to your circumstances (e.g., taking classes at a regional campus or online), an intake meeting can be conducted over the phone. If possible, please bring the required documentation with you (see Disability Documentation Guidelines on this site) or have it sent to Dr. Phillip Clay in advance of our meeting.  Please send documentation to:

Dr. Phillip Clay
Office of Disability Services
J.S. Hathaway Hall Suite 107
204 University Drive
Frankfort, KY  40601
Phone:  (502) 597-6041
Email: Phillip.Clay@kysu.edu

If you have already submitted your documentation such as an evaluation report, Section 504 plan, doctors’ letters, or IEP Individual Education Programs to the Office of Admissions, please also submit them to the Office of Disability Services at the address above immediately.  Doing so will help ensure there are no delays in processing your accommodations.

While you may pursue qualifying for services at any point, it is best to do so well in advance.

Because some accommodations require additional time to arrange (e.g., sign language interpreters, note-takers, housing requests, materials in an alternate format, and some others). If you would prefer to attend a class or take an exam without accommodations first, please take into account that sufficient lead time will still be necessary from the time of your request. Remember too, that accommodations are not retroactive – your rights to them become effective with their approval after you provide documentation of the disability, and eligibility is determined.

What can you expect during the initial intake meeting?

You will be asked to provide some basic information such as student I.D., phone number, and academic major. Your supporting documentation will be reviewed, and our understanding of the impacts of your disability will be clarified with your input. Together, with the Office of Student Support, we will determine the adjustments that are both reasonable and relevant to your particular needs at the University. You will be expected to be an active participant in this process. We will review the Policies and Procedures Agreement and present it for your signature. Be assured that you will have an opportunity to ask any questions so that you will leave the intake meeting with a clear plan for using your accommodations and an understanding of your rights and responsibilities.

You will need to re-register with the Office of Disability Services every semester.

Each new semester brings change.  You will have different classes with different instructors.  There will be new requirements and may be changes instructional formats, course requirements, and classroom activities.  For these reasons, it is necessary to meet with you to discuss your new schedule and any changes in your accommodations that may be needed.  You must renew your approved accommodations. You should schedule a meeting for approval.  Although you may still qualify for services, you will not receive any services if you do not re-register.