Political Science Program

The Political Science program at Kentucky State University involves the systematic study of politics and the political system, and prepares students for graduate study in political science or related areas such as law or public administration. Political Science requires the application of knowledge and critical thinking to assess, prevent, and resolve political and social problems. Additionally, the curriculum addresses preparation of students for entry-level career position in the public and private sectors of employment.

Political science is a social science pathway which focuses on the study of the theories and practices related to political systems.  Majors will be emersed in a curriculum which provides an understanding of political issues requiring conceptual application of principals of research and theory.  Political science courses are also taken as requirements of other academic programs at Kentucky State University.


To satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, a student must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours, including 30 semester credit hours in Political Science. The required courses are POS 160, 201, 211, 300, 301, 355, and 499; and the selection of 6 semester credit hours from any two of the three specialization options (Constitutional Law, International Relations, and Legislative/Executive Politics) in consultation with the student’s advisor. Students seeking the Constitutional Law option must complete POS 331 and 431. Students selecting the International Relations option must complete 6 semester credit hours from POS 311, 361, 363, 462, or 464. Students select the Legislative/Executive Politics option must complete 6 semester credit hours from POS 322, 466, or 461. Students should consult their advisor for the availability of other specialization options. The student in consulting with his/her advisor must select a final 3 semester hours elective from a 300/400 level political science course to complete the 36 hour Political Science major. Additionally, the student must complete a minor. Also, students must complete POS 101 as part of the Liberal Studies Requirement.

A minor in Political Science requires the completion of 18 semester credit hours including POS 160, 211, 300 or 301, 355 and the selection of one 6 semester credit hour specialization option in consultation with the student’s minor advisor. In addition, students taking a minor in Political Science must complete POS 101 as part of the Liberal Studies Requirements.

Contact:  Dr. Frederick Williams at frederick.williams1@kysu.edu