The program completion rate is defined as a student who completes the BSN program RN-BSN option within 150 percent of the normal completion time of three semesters.

The program completion rate is calculated by dividing the number of graduates that completed the program within 150 percent of the normal completion time by the number of students that were enrolled in the corresponding admission cohort as of the fifth day of the first semester of the first nursing course.

The time frame encompasses the initial entry into the program until one semester beyond scheduled graduation. For example, a student admitted in Fall 2018 would have until Fall 2019 to complete within the 150 percent time frame.


Kentucky Program of Nursing Benchmarks & NCLEX Pass Rates

Completion Rate

2021:  50%

2022:  3%

2023:  54%

Job Placement/ Transition Rate

The program job placement rate is defined as the percentage of prospective graduates in a specified entry cohort who were offered employment as a registered nurse, were employed as a registered nurse or who were promoted as a result of obtaining a BSN by date of commencement.

2021:  100%

2022: 100%

2023: 100%

Kentucky Board of Nursing Approved Nursing Programs