Chemistry Degree Program Requirements

The Chemistry program at Kentucky State University focuses on the structure, composition, and reactions of matter. Chemistry instruction is designed to familiarize the student with current views of these concepts. The relevance of chemistry is readily apparent, for the universe and the life forms it contains are chemical systems undergoing specific chemical reactions. To understand the universe and ourselves, it is necessary to understand the laws governing these chemical systems. A deeper knowledge of chemistry is necessary to solve many of humanity’s problems: feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and bettering living conditions in general. Coursework in chemistry at Kentucky State University considers both experimental and theoretical topics and emphasizes their interdependence.

The Division of Mathematics and Sciences offers a program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. A minor in chemistry is also offered.

 Major in Chemistry

The requirements for the major in Chemistry and suggested curriculum ladder are:

Minor in Chemistry

A minor in chemistry requires the completion of 19 semester credit hours. Specific course requirements include CHE 101/110, 102/120, 301/310, and 302/320; the remaining 3-4 semester credit hours must be selected from CHE 303, 315/350, 425, and 412.