Biology Degree Requirements

The School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with four options: General Biology, Pre-Professional, Biotechnology, and Specialization in Biology Education. Details on the former may be found elsewhere in this Catalogue in the sub-section on the School of Education of the College of Professional Studies section. A minor in Biology is also offered.

Biology Major

Biology, B.S. Track, 124 credits

Biology with Specialization in Biology Education, B.S. Track, 127 Credits

The Bachelor of Science in Biology at Kentucky State University offers a curriculum that prepares students for post-baccalaureate programs in many possible career fields including medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, dental, education, veterinary medicine, environmental science, or graduate school. Our recently revised biotechnology option provides students with practical lab skills and knowledge for the potential of new discoveries in medicine, agriculture, anthropology, and the natural world. Incoming students who desire to pursue a biology degree option should declare a Pre-Biology major and work with their advisor to ensure that they are selecting the option and electives that will meet their desired career. Once a student has completed BIO 111, CHE 101/110, and MAT 115 with a “C” or better, he may request in writing with a major change form or a letter to the chairperson of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to convert to a Biology major. Following verification of the successful completion of these courses, the student will be designated as a Biology major. Both Pre-Biology and Biology majors are to be advised by Biology advisors.

Biology Minor 21 credits

A minor in biology requires the completion of a minimum of 21 semester credit hours in Biology. A student pursuing a minor in Biology will be required to successfully complete BIO 111, 210, and 212. Additional courses are chosen from the remaining core requirements (BIO 302, 303, 307, 316, 408). One course may be selected from the biology electives to complete the required 21 semester credit hours. BIO 401 and 410 can be taken, but they cannot be used as part of the required 21 semester credit hours for a minor in Biology.