Scheduled Events

Spring 2024 Career Expo

Thursday February 29th
William Exum Gym


Below are options available to partner with KSU’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC)

  1. Host an information session; Provide information about your organization and employment/internship opportunities in our office or around campus in the areas of education that meet your companies needs.

  2. Present a workshop; The CPDC offers several workshops each semester, ranging from career exploration, resume writing, interview skills, soft skills, and professional attire. We welcome partners to collaborate in our efforts to educate. You can do so by presenting, participating or facilitating a workshop.

  3. Serve as a mock interviewer; Students need experience in order to be able to answer those “tough” interview questions, with several types of interviews currently used in the workforce we offer Mock Interviews to assist in students preparation. Options are available to do both in person interviews or Skype/web interviews to ensure our students have experience with any method.

  4. Host a recruiting table; Reserve a table in a high traffic student area, or in areas of a specific major you are targeting. You can discuss your organization, current roles you need to fill and even conduct on the spot interviews. The CPDC will advertise your visit throughout the campus.

  5. “Work For Us Wednesdays (WFUW)”; The CPDC has initiated new engagement efforts meeting students where they are by using social media platforms to showcase information about your company, any potential openings, internships, opportunities to shadow, etc. Make sure to submit any new listing to the office with a request to be featured.

  6. Host a tour of your organization/place of business; a guided tour of your business premises offers more detailed information on your office surroundings, type of work, and allows students to see first hand how it functions on a day -to-day basis assisting them in choosing the right career path.

  7. Accept a job shadow; Allow a student to job shadow you. Typical job shadowing consists of one work day; students are asked to complete job shadowing in certain majors/classes. It is great experience for them to add to their resume as well, students will be tasked with work of their own to complete, they just need a space and volunteer to learn from.

  8. Accept an Informational Interview; Allow a student to ask questions about your profession/business/position, to assist in choosing the right career path.

  9. Sponsor; a students “Professional Attire” for an interview or career related activity.