Parking Regulations

The purchase of a university parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. The permit gives the purchaser the right to legally park on university property. Additional parking is available on the South Campus Red Lot and the Alumni Athletic Complex. University parking rules and regulations are in effect all year (including periods when classes are not in session, i.e. Christmas and Spring Break).

Any faculty, staff, student, or other person with university business who parks a motor vehicle on property owned or controlled by the university must display a Kentucky State University parking permit.

No KSU entity utilizing KSU property shall make their own visitor parking permits. The permits will not be recognized and tickets will be issued.

Individuals are not allowed to transfer ownership of permits. Report the loss or theft of a permit to the Parking Office immediately. All permits reported lost or stolen should be returned to the Parking Office immediately upon recovery. Possession or use of a lost/stolen permit or a forged/altered permit will result in a fine, tow and/or loss of parking privileges.

If You Sell or Transfer Your Vehicle:
When a registered vehicle is sold or traded and a new one is purchased, the Parking Office must be informed of the new vehicles information.

Vehicles must be parked in a designated space. The fact that one vehicle is parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one parking space is not an acceptable excuse for another operator to do the same.

Vehicles are not allowed in area or spaces closed by barricades or other traffic control devices.

Vehicle maintenance is not permitted on university property, other than emergency repairs and the Parking Office must be notified.

Vehicles not properly displaying a valid vehicle license, or which are inoperable because of missing parts or damage will be considered as abandoned and subject to immediate tow at owner’s expense.

Motorcycles shall not be parked in a building or within 10 feet of a building unless a motorcycle parking area is designated. The same rules pertain to motorcycles as to cars, but more than one motorcycle may be parked in one regular parking space. A motorcycle must have a valid KSU parking adhesive permit to be parked on university property.

Permit Types:
The type of permit determines parking privileges. Areas for parking are indicated on the university map. In all cases of conflict, signs and markings should be presumed to be correct and will take precedence over any conflicting parking map designation. All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered “No Parking” Zones.

  • Faculty / Staff 
  • Reserved
  • Student
  • Visitor

There are a limited number of Resident parking spaces in each lot. Once that limit has been met you must purchase a Red Lot parking permit. The passes are sold on a first come – first serve basis, so make sure you have all the necessary information to obtain your pass at time of registration.

After Hours Parking:

  • Commuter Students: are not allowed to park in faculty lots until after 4:30 provided they have a valid KSU parking permit.
  • Resident Students: are only allowed to park in their designated permit color lot or Red Lot provided they have a valid KSU parking permit.
  • Faculty/Staff: are not allowed to park in any student lots.
  • President’s Lot: there is no faculty/staff or student parking in the president’s lot unless permission has been granted by the president’s office.

It is not possible to mark with signs or paint all areas where parking is prohibited. However, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced. It is prohibited to park:

  • without displaying a valid permit. One parking ticket may be excused per academic year for valid permit holders who fail to display a permit when legally parked;
  • in the President’s lot;
  • in Reserved spaces without a proper permit;
  • in a handicapped space without proper State and University permits;
  • when a vehicle is parked blocking handicapped access;
  • blocking fire lanes, fire exits or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant;
  • blocking doorways or dumpsters
  • in loading zones unless actually loading or unloading. Flashers must be on and time is limited to no more than 30 minutes;
  • double parked;
  • in service entrances, construction sites, or spaces reserved for maintenance vehicles;
  • on the lawn, sidewalk, crosswalk, parking lot driveways, roadway or straddling painted lines;
  • over or adjacent to yellow lines or curbs.

Parking for Athletic Trips:
Exum parking lot has been designated as the parking area for student athletes away from campus on sporting events. The parking office must be made aware of all off campus trips and when you need to park in Exum.

All coaches, athletes, volunteer coaches and trainers must have a valid parking permit to park in the university parking lots.

Prior to leaving on the sporting event a special pass must be picked up from the police department. If students have a green permit, they do not need to special pass, only those students who have dorm permits. To receive this special pass you must have purchased a university parking permit or have a volunteer parking pass. When parking your vehicle at Exum the following rules must be adhered to:

  • Bring your current KSU ID.
  • Bring your current KSU parking permit.
  • Your vehicle must be parked starting at the back rows of the parking lot (back rows closet to the Cooperative Extension Building). If you are parked in the front closest to Exum you are subjected to being ticketed. No Exceptions.

Special Event Visitor Parking:
Departments sponsoring seminars or special events should contact the parking Office at by filling out the Special Event Request and submit to the office at least two weeks in advance of the event.

All off campus groups will be issued a Red Lot-South Campus event permit. If it is going to be a very large group the department should try and secure a shuttle bus to shuttle their visitors to their destination on the main campus, otherwise the attendees can use the tunnel to get to the main campus.

The main campus parking lots should not be blocked or closed to accommodate the groups. This would cause undue stress on the university community attempting to park to complete their day to day functions. However, depending on the special circumstances and if the parking office has been notified in a timely manner, it will be coordinated with the Assistant Parking Director to determine if the parking area will be blocked off for the event.

Visitor Parking:
Visitor parking is located in the Exum Parking lot, red lot or any parking area designated by the parking office. Parking is by permit only. Visitors must obtain a parking permit from the parking office which is located in the University Police Department.

It is the responsibility of the person inviting the guest(s) to campus to inform them to come to the police department to obtain a visitor’s pass.