Inclusion Initiatives

Campus Environment Team

A diverse body of faculty, staff, administrators and students make up Kentucky State University’s Campus Environment Team (CET).  The mission of the CET is to develop and implement an action plan that will focus on providing support for our students to succeed both in academic coursework and their development as  socially, culturally conscious members of society.  The team develops initiatives that continue the university’s efforts to improve relationships between faculty, staff, students, and administrative personnel.

This academic year, the CET has chosen to focus its inclusion initiatives on a challenge population cited in the university’s Diversity Plan, the Hispanic/Latino demographic.  As a result, a new student organization has been established, Student Advocates for Latino and Spanish Acknowledgement (SALSA).  The organization has also extended membership to local high school students.  KSU was recently recognized by the Kentucky Latino Education Alliance for its demonstrated efforts of committing resources to and supporting Latino student success.

The campus and community have eagerly embraced this inclusion initiative.