Integrative Studies Program

Integrative Studies (IGS) courses are a basic component of Kentucky State University’s Liberal Studies Requirements. As part of the Whitney Young Honors Collegium, IGS offers students and faculty not in the honors program an opportunity to participate in a unique­ “great books” style of education. It elicits from faculty and students a commitment to analyze and interpret a body of knowledge that links the perennial questions of human life with the greatest works of history, literature, art, philosophy, and the sciences. It challenges faculty and students to view learning as an integrative process and to explore themes which cut across the boundaries of cultures, historical periods, and traditional academic disciplines.

IGS courses are designed to supplement and complement–not replicate–the discipline-specific offering of other departments. Integrative Studies emphasizes critical and analytical ability in dealing with events, individuals, ideas, artifacts, and texts that have contributed to human achievements.

The program offers seven seminars. Most students are required to complete nine (9) hours of IGS courses, including IGS 200 and 201 (transfer students should consult the Whitney Young Honors Collegium Chairperson/IGS Coordinator for requirements). Three of these courses (IGS 200, 201, and 300) are organized as a sequence, giving students the opportunity to encounter a variety of cultural and intellectual perspectives. The sequence begins with ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, and Greece and extends to the 20th century. If students desire, they may choose to substitute for IGS 300 a course exploring a specific world culture (IGS 301,302, 303, or 304).

In addition to those courses, Integrative Studies also offers a Senior Seminar (IGS 499) for students who are interested in exploring a specific theme.

Students should consult the revised Liberal Studies Requirements in the newest edition of the KSU Catalog for specific IGS course requirements. The program became an integral part of the curriculum in the fall of 1983. Faculty from all disciplines are invited to participate. Completion of ENG 101 with a grade of ‘C’ or better is a prerequisite for all IGS courses.


Dr. Erin Gilliam
Interim Dean