Why Honors?

Prospective students often ask a very natural question: why should I join the Honors Program?  Here are some answers to that question given by current Honors Program students.

Community of Friends and Learners

Classes around a table rather than in rows of desks”  All Honors courses are discussion classes in which students and faculty sit together facing each other around a table.  The teacher does not stand apart and lecture.  Instead teacher and students are involved together to advance their understanding.

Close-knit community”  Since the classes are all small, with no more than 15 students, it is easy to meet people and make friends.

Personal attention from faculty”  It is easy to get to know your teachers.

Not just grades, but real feedback every semester”  Each semester at midterm students meet with their teachers who give detailed progress reports that include recognition of excellence and specific suggestions for improvement.


Money! ” Honors Students are eligible to apply for special supplemental Honors Scholarships.


We get to go to Conferences”  Students can travel and attend Honors Conferences where they can meet and talk with other like-minded students and gain the valuable experience of presenting their work to a wider public.

Help for Study Abroad”  Study Abroad is encouraged (though not required), and special Honors Scholarships funds are set aside to help make it affordable.  While some students are initially apprehensive about traveling to foreign countries, we have never had a student who was sorry to have studied abroad.

Internships that carry academic credit” Internships let Honors students earn academic credit while gaining real-world experience.

Chances for leadership and service”  Students can take on leadership roles in the Whitney Young Honors Program Student Council.  The Student Council annually performs public service on campus and in the local Frankfort community.

Honors Prepares You  for the Future

A broad education that makes you well-rounded” Honors students receive an unusually well-rounded education which readies them for their future, whatever it may bring.  Honors courses complement major courses (and in some science majors offer an efficient way to meet University liberal studies requirements).

Self-knowledge” Honors courses encourage students to make meaningful connections between their academic studies and their personal lives.

Looks good on your transcript!”  Certification of completion of Honors Program requirements becomes part of your transcript and appears on your diploma.  Completion of a rigorous program can impress potential employers or admissions officers of graduate or professional schools.