Current Faculty Senate Membership

PLEASE NOTE: The listing for the 2020-2021 academic year is in the process of being updated. Thank you for your patience.

Barbara Witty (*SCT) School of Nursing and Health Services   2024
Farida Olden School of Agriculture   2024
Changzheng Wang Family and Consumer Science At Large 2024
Dharma Khatiwada   At Large 2024
Deanna McGaughey-Summers Humanities and Performing Arts Assistant Professor 2024
Swagata Banerjee School of Business Associate Professor 2024
Fabria Kashan School of Computer Science   2022
Richard Maiti School of Computer Science Assistant Professor 2024
Whitney Lawrence School of Education, Human Development, & Consumer Sciences Assistant Professor 2024
Jonathan Rogers Division of Mathematics Assistant Professor 2024
Charles Nichols  School of Business   2024
Keith McCutcheon  Humanities and Performing Arts   2023
N/A School of Social Work    
Nkechi Amadife Library Professor 2023
N/A Math and Computer Science    
Mara Merlino School of Behavior and Social Science   2024
Rozina Johnson Humanities and Performing Arts Assistant Professor 2024
Kristopher Grimes (*SCT) Family and Consumer Science   2024
Bobby Walter At Large - Library   2023
Mindy Brooks-Eaves School of Social Work Chair, Assistant Professor 2023
Mary Barr School of Behavior and Social Science Assistant Professor 2024
Waldemar Rossi School of Aquaculture and Aquatic Science Assistant Professor 2024
James Obielodan School of Business   2023