Current Faculty Senate Membership

PLEASE NOTE: The listing for the 2020-2021 academic year is in the process of being updated. Thank you for your patience.

Emmanual Amadife  Gov, Pol, and Just Std   2021
Barbara Witty School of Nursing   2022
Buddhi Gyawali School of Agriculture At Large 2022
Changzheng Wang Family and Consumer Science At Large 2022
Danny Collum Humanities and Performing Arts   2022
Phillip Clay (*SCT) College of Professional Studies Assistant Professor, Vice President 2022
Donavan Ramon Whitney Young Honors Colloquium   2022
Rene Desborde (*SCT) School of Business Associate Professor 2022
Fabria Kashan School of Computer Science   2022
Fabriba Bigdeli-Jahed School of Computer Science At Large 2022
Bruce Griffis Division of Mathematics and Sciences
(pending unit election)
Assistant Professor 2022
Jason Keeler (*SCT) College of Professional Studies Assistant Professor 2022
Alexander Lai  Natural Sciences   2021
Gavin Washington School of Education, Human
Development, & Consumer Sciences
Gary Stratton  School of Business   2022
Keith McCutcheon  Humanities and Performing Arts   2021
Sharon McGee  Library   2021
Ibukun (Mike) Ogunade School of Agriculture   2022
Jennifer Ballard-Kang School of Social Work   2022
Jens Hannermann Math and Computer Science   2022
Johnathon Sharp  School of Behavoral and Social Science   2021
Helen Smith School of Humanities and Performing Arts Associate Professor 2022
Shawn Lucas (*SCT) School of Agriculture   2022
Kristopher Grimes Family and Consumer Science   2022
Nancy Capriles School of Behavior and Social Science   2022
Monica Valentine  School of Public Administration Parliamentarian 2021
Bobby Walter At Large - Library   2021
Herman Walston Applied Human Sciences Professor 2021
Leigh Whittinghill (*SCT) College of Agriculture Assistant Professor 2022
Noel Novelo School of Aquaculture and Aquatic Science   2022
Patti Marraccini School of Nursing and Health Sciences   2022