Theatre Courses


No. Title/Credits Description
THE107 Theatre Practicum I (1) Practical, supervised work with actual theatre productions. May be selected as performance or technical practicum in accordance with casting and other needs of stage productions.
THE130 Introduction to Theatre (3) This course examines theatre history and its cultural relevance, traditions, theory, design, and production.
THE200 Introduction to Dance (3) A survey of the history and aesthetics of dance in relation to society and to the other arts. Includes instruction in basic dance techniques.
THE204 Foundations of Theatre (3) Through readings, lectures, demonstrations, and active participation behind the scenes in an actual production, the student becomes familiar with theatre history, design, and tradition.
THE207 Theatre Practicum II (1) Prerequisite: THE107. A continuation of THE107.
THE210 World Drama (3) Prerequisite: ENG 211. Study of western world dramatic literature from antiquity to Ibsen. Emphasis is on works which are examples of the major periods of drama.
THE220 Modern Drama (3) Prerequisite: THE 210. A study of dramatic literature from Ibsen to the present, illustrating the literary, historical, and social development of the modern era.
THE250 Acting (3) Laboratory class in the fundamentals, techniques, and practice of stage credibility and acting, emphasizing development of relaxation, self-exploration, stage presence, and other acting skills and actual participation in a live performance.
THE260 Music Theatre I (3) Prerequisite: THE 250. Development of skills in energizing, concentrating, and structuring. Energy concepts include physical, vocal, mental, and emotional energy. Concentrating concepts includes conceptualization and imagination.
THE300 Interpretive Dance (2) Prerequisite: THE 200 or consent of instructor. Theory and practice of techniques and composition. Emphasis is placed on execution of dance techniques for theatrical productions.
THE305 Theatre History (3) Prerequisite: THE 204. A survey of theatre from its primitive origins through the emergence of modern drama. Study of content and trends in dramatic literature and play production.
THE307 Theatre Practicum III (1) Prerequisite: THE207. A continuation of THE207.
THE360 Music Theatre II (3) Prerequisite: Audition. A continuation of skills stressed in Music Theatre I. Emphasis on singing, moving, isolation of vocal mechanisms, physical response, reflecting, and rhythmic patterns.
THE380 Play Directing (3) Prerequisite: THE 250. A study of play direction and play analysis, blocking, line learning, and correct character portrayal. Students prepare a prompt book which details the director’s plans.
THE404 Stage Craft (3) Study and guided practice in the theory, principles, techniques, materials, and development through plans of scene and lighting design for the contemporary theatre.
THE407 Theatre Practicum IV (1) Prerequisite: THE307. A continuation of THE307.
THE408 Black Theatre (3) Prerequisite: THE 204. Study of goals, careers, problems, dreams, and accomplishments of Black playwrights, actors, directors, choreographers, designers, critics, and theatre groups.
THE410 Seminar in Theatre (2) Prerequisite: Consent of faculty. Examination and discussion of the styles of theatre practices with special emphasis on elements.


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