Speech Communication

The area of Communication seeks to develop an awareness of the methods and techniques necessary for the continual improvement of human communication as a social and professional tool. Courses are designed to help students understand the methods and techniques used by the media systems, to assist students in their understanding and appreciation of cultural heritages, and to help them develop strong and healthy relationships. A minor in Speech Communication requires the completion of 18 semester credit hours in addition to COM 103 Interpersonal Communication, from the Liberal Studies Requirements.

Minor – Speech Communication 18 credits

A minor in speech communication requires the completion of 18 semester credit hours beyond COM 103. These include:

COM 200 Public Speaking

COM 201 Group Discussion and Debate

COM 302 Interracial/Intercultural Communication

COM 304 Oral Interpretation

COM 315 Voice and Diction

The remaining three semester credit hours must be selected in consultation with the student’s minor advisor.