Enactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise or SIFE)

Welcome to the Enactus chapter at Kentucky State University! Our SIFE chapter strives to provide students with the best opportunity to make a difference in a changing world. We offer programs and activities to develop leadership, teamwork, and communications skills through learning, practicing, and teaching the principles of free enterprise and civic engagement.

Our Mission

The Enactus chapter at Kentucky State University is a student organization that provides support and services to the community with an emphasis on education and civic engagement.

Our Goals

Enactus strives to accomplish the following goals:

  • Establish unity between the university and Frankfort community to ensure strong bonds and success for future generations
  • Offer programs that attract students to become Enactus members
  • Sponsor programs and projects that promote students participation in entrepreneurship and civic engagement activities on campus and in the local community
  • Encourage Enactus members to participate in regional and national Enactus programs and conferences

 Our History

SIFE was introduced to the students of Kentucky State University in April of 2004, when two students – who were also pioneer members of SIFE – worked in the 2004 Summer Youth Entrepreneurship Camp. SIFE had its kickoff at the start of the Fall semester in September, 2004. By October, SIFE was an official campus organization. Our first introduction to the community also took place in October when we built a float for KSU’s homecoming parade. As the semester came to an end, we continued our work developing a plan for the Ford Business Plan competition. The plan was submitted in January 2005. We also developed and secured a grant from the Marcus Foundation for the period of March to November 2005.

SIFE became Enactus in 2012. Its activities have overlapped with the annual IdeaStateU competition since 2008.

Along with the Fall Leadership Conferences, Enactus teams also benefit from more interactive webinar and online training as well as more intensive on-campus training with Enactus staff onsite. These training sessions can be tailored to address the differing needs teams have depending on their school size and length of time involved in Enactus. Learning how their team can collaborate with other Enactus teams, develop project partnerships with Enactus corporate Partners, and sustain their team through best marketing and recruiting practices can empower teams to enable progress in their communities and around the world.

For more information about Enactus, please check http://www.enactusunitedstates.org.

You may also contact Dr. Paul Wilhelm (the Sam Walton Fellow Free Enterprise Fellow of KSU Enactus):

ATTN: Dr. Paul Wilhelm
School of Business
Kentucky State University
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Phone: (502) 597-6276
Email: paul.wilhelm@kysu.edu