The Management Area of Specialization at the School of Business accommodates students whose interests include preparation for entry into corporate management training positions, the application of behavioral science to management, the human resources function in both line and staff capacities, and managing a small business. We help students define their career mission and prepare for that mission through coursework, mentoring, internships, and networking.

Program Requirements

The following courses are required for this program. 

  • MGT 352 – Supply Chain Management
  • MGT 355 – Production Management
  • MGT 433 – Human Resources Management
  • MGT 460 – Human Behavior in Organizations
  • MGT 465 – Entrepreneurship
  • Management electives* (6 hours)
  • Professional elective** (3 hours)

Total: 24 hours

Please check with your advisor to confirm actual degree requirements.

*Management electives must be any MGT course at the 300 level or higher.
**Professional elective must be; Internship, International Experience in Business, or any ACC, ECO, FIN, MGT, MIS, MKT course at the 300 level or higher.