Public Relations

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Public Relations

MCJ Core:

Course #     Name                                                               (all courses are 3 Credit Hours)

JOU 204     Journalism

JOU 210     Introduction to Mass Communication

JOU 322     Introduction to Digital Photojournalism

JOU 364     Desktop/ Web Publishing

JOU 365     Advanced Public Affairs Reporting

JOU 366     Seminar in Public Relations

JOU 367    Video Production

Concentration Courses:

Course #     Name                                                                

JOU 308    Media Advertising and Sales

JOU 370     Public Relations Campaigns

JOU 371     Public Relations Special Events Planning

JOU 375     Advertising Seminar

JOU 436     Practicum in Public Relations

Advised Electives: Select 6 hours from the options below:

Course #     Name                                                                

JOU 205     Intro to Sports Communication

JOU 250     Race, Class & Gender in the Media

JOU 251     Evolution of Journalism

JOU 252     African-American Media

JOU 253     The Media in Film

JOU 302     Newspaper Workshop

JOU 308     Media Advertising & Sales

JOU 372     Television & Radio Production II

JOU 402     Newspaper Workshop II

JOU 422     Advanced Photojournalism

JOU 425     Communication Research Methods